God News and Bad news.....Need prayers

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Msdeana, Apr 22, 2008.

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    I will tell you the bad news first. We recently took a trip out of state, flying to our destination. We stayed 20 days and returned. I knew I would have pain and jet-lag so braced myself for it. Praying for strength to work though it. When we arrive home, we found out our small dog "Betsy" was killed the week before when a truck ran over her. Well that caused a long unmanageable pain flare, lasting 3 weeks and I am just now feeling better.

    My mood was lifted when my attorney called and said he found a major mistake made by the judge. Short version he said I had no problems with my depression and it was well controlled. Documentation and a assessment number of 43 (under 50 means one cannot work, or even go through regular everyday life without major difficulties.) I had this number for over two years. It was during the time frame of my SSDI case too. He made me fill better by saying that the appeals board might award me SSDI and if I have to go to another hearing, he will make sure I do not have the same judge.......as WE will win my case.

    I pray he is right, I have had so many tell me we will win in the past that I am skeptical. I just left it in God's hands saying "Do what is best for me."

    I am an on an emotional roller coaster now and often shout, stop the ride I want off. Only my faith, helps me. Pray that I will endure this and have the strength that I need.

    Huggies; Deana.
  2. windblade

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    So very sorry about your little dog. What a terrible thing to happen! Praying for your grief,

    and also for your SSDI situation, and your flare, and trying to get through it all.


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