God takes a long time to act suddenly!

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by griswoldgirl, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. griswoldgirl

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    Just something I heard my pastor say last Sunday and I thought it was pretty profound. The scriptures talk about many who prayed for years for healing and did not get results without dilligence in prayer.

    So I pray daily for healing for all of us becasue God can take a long time to act suddenly!

    in love

  2. Harmony

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    Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for sharing that! We are told to pray without ceasing and God will work His plan in us in His timing. I continue to pray for healing, and if it doesn't happen now, that God will use it in my life for His glory and that I will be able to accept it.

    God bless!
  3. maxex

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    I severely broke my left ankle in a construction accident in '93. So badly the doctor was going to amputate. I would not allow him to do so, I told him "if you take it off, Jesus won't have a chance to heal it". He was good with that but told me all the horror stories about my chances of keeping it. 2 years later I was released to go back to work. My doctor said that he had never scene such a severe brake heal. Although I did live with severe pain, it was my own ankle not man made. I prayed and prayed for complete healing, to no avail. Now another twist that I know God has His hand in, but I cannot understand, after 22 years together my wife left and divorced me, I am still devistaited, she is the love of my life. And He know's that. But just last summer at the time of the actual divorce, He healed my ankle. Just out of the blue. 7 years later. I live pain free now. I ski again, I work, I can do anything I used to do. But every day I wonder why. Was it like a consolation prize, because He could see my pain from losing my wife. I would rather have the painful ankle, that to have lost her. He know's that.
    He does work in mysterious way's. But it has also given me hope. And keep's my hope alive. To continue to pray that she and I will be together again someday. He works in His time not ours, and that can be very difficult for us to understand. And very painful. The pain that was in my ankle is now in my heart. And let me tell you that is worse. I still cry every day, I never cried about my ankle.