God uses me most when I am out of control

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    God uses me most when I am out of control.

    There you are. Trying as hard as you can to keep things together. Most days you feel as though you are a plate spinner on center stage. All those plates to spin and everyone watching you. Your goal is to keep them all spinning and to prevent any from falling to the ground and smashing into a million pieces. You really feel that you can do it. You have had lots of practice and have mastered the event to the point where you can pretty much spin plates with your eyes closed. Actually, you like having your eyes closed because it helps to keep you from seeing exactly what you are up against. This is really an impossible feat and sooner or later you know you will be out of control!

    Good! Give up trying to be in control The truth is that God is in control. He provides you with all you are. When you let go and let God he is able to use you in the exact way that he desires. He doesn't want you focusing on plate spinning in the first place! He knows that when you are so preoccupied with what you think is important you miss the most important things that he has in store for you and wants you to be doing. You are not a plate spinner, you are a child of God designed for his Kingdom. So go ahead and let the plates fall where they may. God will pick them up, restore them like new, spin them all at once better than you ever could, and use you for something even more important.

    You were believing that you role in life was to keep things running and to be in control. Now you know that when you give up control to God your life takes on a whole new meaning far better than you ever thought possible. Gail Lindsay

    "Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." Matthew 6:1
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    Hi Danny,
    That's great! I'm seeing the footprint of God in the message that you sent today! I needed each of these messages. Thanks for taking the time to encourage those around you. May God multiple the encouragement back to you!