God works in mysterious ways!

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  1. mamafurr

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    i just found out today a very good friend of mine i hadn't spoken to in years, (they live 3 hours away), son had a terrible bike accident in june and is paralyzed from the neck down. he is only about 21. please pray for his recovery.

    the miracle part of the story:
    my neighbor came over this morning. she wanted to use my computer to sign the guest book for this boy' web site. we live in a small town in the sierra foothills and just bought the house we live in 1 1/2 years ago. my neighbor (joanne) casually mentioned the name of the family of this tragedy.. she is from the same part of the bay area we moved from. which is kinda odd anyway. so i asked her if the parents were named mike and deb. she said yes. joanne used to teach at the catholic school their kids attended. so lo and behold this is my old buddy debbie. my other very good friend called the other night and in passing said have you heard from debbie? we need to plan a reunion. we were partying fools in h.s. and college. :). like the big chill.so all tiny grains of sand on this large beach of life.

    whew...long winded
    God Bless All Of You!!!!
    in Jesus name
  2. Shirl

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    Yes, that is some strange happening you just experienced.

    But we all know how mysterious the ways of the Lord are!

    Will be praying for that young man, that he regains the use of his limbs again. He has youth on his side, and a lot of prayer going out for him too.

    Thanks for bring this request to us, we will all hold him up to the Lord for His divine touch.

    God bless,

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Mikie

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    All brothers and sisters. I always love these "small world" stories. Prayers going up for this boy and his family.

    Love, Mikie
  4. mamafurr

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    thank you so for being so kind in responding. it really means alot to me to know you all are here.

  5. psalmlady

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    and when I was just a little girl I didn't quite understand why she said it all the time.
    Now since I am old and wise in MY years (I can say this to you girls! LOL!) I know just what she meant, yes, God DOES work in mysterious ways!

    I don't believe ANYTHING happens to God's people by coincidence, I believe this WAS God's doing!

    mamafurr, in your profile your little girl is BEAUTIFUL! And you are too! :)

    God bless!
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  6. mamafurr

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    truer words were never said. also,

    psalmlady, thank you for the wonderful compliment on my granddaughter....i think she is beautiful too :). everywhere we go someone is stopping us and saying that to her. she is 3 1/2 so it is quite a challenge to teach her to be polite and say thank you. one day, someone said "my you have beautiful eyes" of course she hears that daily and her response was "i know"...aaaarrrrgggg how embarrassing. she is not going to get full of herself! she now had a 9 mos brother she had to compete with! LOL
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