God works in mysterious ways

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    I had a bunch of shopping to do at Lowes today. I took my little minature schnauzer along. (he sits on the floorboard of my electric mobility scooter). When I was leaving the Lowes parking lot, something told me to turn in the opposite direction that I would normally travel in to go home.

    Something just told me to go to Pet Smart in the next town. I wasn't in the place very long when a woman came up to me and asked to pet my dog. We started talking. I found out she had just come from getting mammograms and ultrasounds and had BOTH breasts show some masses. She was almost frozen in fear. It is highly likely that she has cancer in one or both breasts.

    I could relate to this because I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer about 7 or 8 months ago. I was able to let her just pour out her heart in the dog food aisle. She thanked me for just listening and offering some suggestions. I gave her my phone number and told her I would take her to doctor appointments if she didn't have someone to go with her.

    I'm just so glad that I was there to help her. She told me that she felt as if a 30 pound weight was taken off of her shoulders after talking to me. God doesn't light bushes on fire for us to hear Him. It is in the stillness of your soul that you are "nudged" to do His work.

    I had absolutely no intention of going to Pet Smart today. This lady needed me and God sent me there.
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    God is just so amazing, I feel like hugging Him and singing praises.

    Bless your heart Joyfully for serving the Lord and ministering to another in need.

    Praise Him, His love endures forever despite our sufferings and circumstances.

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    I had goose bumps reading your post. Bless you for being such a good person.

    Two weeks ago while waiting at Urgent Care with my grandson and a broken finger, there was a random act of kindness.

    A young woman tried to sign in but they turned her away since she had no insurance. They told her she would have to pay $140. cash before she would be seen. She stood and cried. A man got up, walked to the desk and handed them the cash. A beautiful moment in the midst of hurting and sick people.
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    When you see random acts of kindness like that gentleman did for the sick woman, it restores one's faith in mankind.
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    Your story has stayed with me since I first read it a few days ago. It has meant so much to me. What a comfort to see how much God cared for this woman by sending you there!

    It brought a shower of refreshment to my soul, and encouraged me to keep asking the Lord what He wants me to give and receive, daily.

    Have a very Blessed Easter,
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    I've had so many"miracles" happen in the past 10 or 11 months. It just has to be devine intervention.

    When I was told I had cancer, it was on a Friday afternoon. When my hubby and I got back to the parking lot, I immediately began calling my specialists to coordinate the surgery. EVERYTHING hung on getting my cardiac testing done ASAP. My appointment was not for another 2 1/2 weeks. i would have gone bonkers waiting that long to get cleared for surgery. My hubby drove me over to the cardiologist's office. We asked the receptionist if I could somehow move the date up so I could get the thyroid cancer surgery. She told me they were booked solid. Then one of the nurses came to the front to answer a phone call. It was a man CANCELLING his appointment for 8:30AM on Monday morning. It was the SAME cardiac test that I needed to take! The nurse had heard me talking to the receptionist. The nurse came over and told me she never saw anything like that. I was right there when the phone call came in that the man was cancelling his appointment and wanted to reschedule in 3 weeks. So I got his appointment slot. We were not in that office 10 minutes and during that short time---God answered my needs.

    After the cancer surgery, my little minature schnauzer was dying from what they suspected was rat poisoning. While I was at the vets sitting with my terminally ill dog---a realtor came in with a minature schnauzer that she found just running loose. A long story short---this little guy needed a home. I subsequently lost my dear Gretchen 3 days later. Rudy (the escape artist) was still at a rescue home in my subdivision after Gretchen died. I decided to save him from being sent to the pound. I couldn't save my Gretchen, but I could save Rudy.

    Would you believe that this SAME schnauzer was running along with Gretchen and me just 2 weeks before when he had dug under the owner's fence for the zillionth time. The owner relinquished the dog and that is how I ultimately got him.

    What is the probability of Gretchen and me meeting this dog 2 weeks before I had to have Gretchen put to sleep

    being at the vet's office when a realtor brought Rudy in to see if any of the staff recognized him. Rudy had smelled under the exam door where I was holding Gretchen as she was fighting the poisons destroying her body. I recognized the "woof" under the door as belonging to a schnauzer. When I opened the door, I immediately recognized him as the little escape artist Gretch and I had seen just 2 weeks before.

    So I end up getting my surgery scheduled a full 2 weeks sooner because of a cancellation for a cardiac test by another patient. I also was given Rudy, the escape artist, 3 days after my Gretchen died.

    Events like this are miracles. This is waaaaaaaay beyond the probability of total coincidence.
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    Hi. Yes, sometimes I go to the depression board to help others. I have RA and the arthritis board doesn't move at the pace of some of the other boards. So I go to the depression board to see if I can help others.

    for your children's sake, try to make the day care experience a new adventure. Act excited and tell them they will get to meet new friends. Little ones have excellent antennae, they will pick up on your emotions.

    I'm so sorry about your wife's attitude. I've read some of your other posts on the depression board in the past. I think it is important to not blame yourself for the break-up. From what I remember, you have been very active in attempting to keep your marriage held together.

    Has she been having an affair????? That would explain alot of her actions. I don't know. I just think it is important that you not take on the responsibility of her self centered behaviors. You didn't cause this break up.

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    Actually, by forgiving her----you are taking a ton of stress off of yourself. You don't forgive for HER sake, you forgive for YOUR sake so you can move on. Otherwise, you relenquish all of your energy to her. I'm glad your children were able to transition into the day care with little drama. Soft hugs. Joyfully