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    I am concerned about Godismystrength who is a regular poster here on the boards, but whom hasn't posted in a bit. If anyone knows anything about her current state could you please let me know. It's at times like this that I wish we had the ability to email one another.
  2. This is my first time getting to check the boards in weeks... With the holidays taking everything out of me and with my two youngest home for a few weeks, I never had any energy left to check the boards. I'm so sorry to have concerned you. And unfortunately I didn't even get to really enjoy my daughter being home from college because I kept trying to push to do things and then I would crash. She just headed back to college today so I should be able to pace myself much better now. Isn't it a shame that interacting with the people we love the most has to drain us so much?! :-( It breaks my heart!

    Also, my husband and I celebrated 30 years of marriage on the 8th of January and he really wanted to go on a nearby weekend get away for our anniversary. And even though I really wasn't up to it, I didn't want to disappoint him, so we went. My daughter helped me pack, but I almost didn't make it. I prayed for a miracle and The Lord helped me to be able to leave last Friday (the 4th). But I wound up crashing on Saturday so we wound up staying an extra day (instead of coming home Sunday we came home on Monday). I am thankful that my husband has been so patient and understanding.... And his willingness to be flexible! With an 11 year old at home, he and I rarely get to spend any one on one time together and it had been over a year since we had been able to do anything with just the two of us. And even though I can't really "do" much of anything, I am glad we got to have that time together. But as always, I pay a terrible price, as you well know.

    So, the combination of having my 2 youngest home and the holidays combined with our anniversary has taken everything out of me. I did try to spend quality time with my kids but the demands of everything def took its toll... And I found myself being very moody and emotional at times because my body couldn't keep up (also I wasn't getting much sleep, so I'm sure that played into it as well). But I am thankful for the blessings that were interspersed throughout these challenging weeks.

    Again, I'm so sorry for worrying you... I do know how you felt because I have felt the same way when I've not seen you or some of our other dear friends post for a while. But I do appreciate you caring so much! And I agree with you... I wish there was a way for us to exchange email addresses or phone numbers! Because I feel as though I have some very good and dear friends here and would love to have another option to keep in touch as well...

    I do hope you're doing well, Michelle, and that the holidays didn't take too much out of you. I should be able to get back to posting and checking the boards again now. Let me know how you're doing... God bless you, Michelle! Thanks again for caring!

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,
    Shel :)
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    Hi Shel, It was good to hear from you. I am glad it was "trying" to have some good time with family that made it necessary to take extra rest. I was concerned, as I said because you had been doing so poorly the last couple times you posted.

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Funny, my husband and I will celebrate our anniversary on the 29th of this month and tonight were discussing it.

    We have had a gift certificate for an Italian restaurant from ur anniversary a few years ago and still have never made it out. So I told him let's not even try to go out this year as it's been a very rough few months and I really don't want the pressure of trying to go out nor the regret if we make plans and once again don't get to go. So we will do a carry out, watch our wedding ceremony on tape, look through our photo album, and no doubt comment on how young we looked then.

    I took my night pills and am groggy but when I saw an email saying you had posted I wanted to come on right away and let you know I saw your post. I will get back to you, perhaps tomorrow.

    Hugs, Michele
  4. ... on your upcoming Wedding Anniversary! Sounds like you made the right choice to stay home and celebrate... If I had been through what you have these last few months, I would do the exact same thing! How nice to have a video of your wedding to watch! I wish we had one... I would love to get to watch our ceremony... But i am thankful we have pictures :).

    I hope you enjoy your upcoming special day together! And I hope you continue to improve and feel stronger and stronger, Michele! I'm praying for you!

    Let me know how you're doing...

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,
    Shel :)