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    I am not what you would call a church goer. But I am not a fool. My wife was sick-in bed about 95% of the time for 14 months. During that period we saw 5 doctors and every test they could think if from scans, to "t" cells to oncologist to aids test. Including evaluation for depression- which were also negative. Yet she was always tired and always had a secondary infection from thrush to mono to sinus to flue.
    Finally after 70 test, doctors visits, total, I was told because of her failing immune system she would not make another year. Well the last visit to the immunoligist I was told I might want to try allergy proffing the house it might help with some of her secondary infections. Well I did that, no carpets, soft furniture, and all mattress in sealed plastic etc. My wife was normal in three days what we found out latter was that dust mites were the culprit!!!
    She has now been fine for two years. Immune syst normal!
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    That certainly is amazing and fantastic for you both.

    Prior to my diag of CF/FM, my allergies flared big time. I am so allergic to fungus, my sinuses become heavy infected and have to be surgically corrected. (5 times now). I do take allergy shots, but have been warned to rid my home of carpet and mildew and pets, etc... I know that allergys keep your body in an allergic state that drains your immune system. My mother is dying from allergys.

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    Hi Tommac, welcome to the board. So glad you found what was causing your wife's illness.

    Appreciate your post, and a lot of us will surely give this a try. I do know that carpets are the worst culprits in allegries, and would love to change mine, but at the present, its not feasible.

    What did you replace the carpet with? Wood, tile etc? I am very interested.

    I have most of my allergies, sinus, headaches etc. drinking half my weight in ounces of water per day, along with a quarter teaspoon of Sea Salt through out the day. It has been a God Send.

    Will be looking forward to hearing from you.

    Again, its wonderful to hear your wife has her health back.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Maid a promise to God after she was cured that I would try to help others if they ever got in this situation as my wife did. So ask anything you want.
    First question we were fortunate evough to have hardwood
    floors so there was no replacement flooring needed.
    I to had sinus problems and was medicated with decogestions
    and anti-hestimines always. Kids were on inhalers being asmatic. Other that early fall(seasonal) the kids are free of medication, I was told to get the operation three times for deviated septum and never did knowing that often now its is the symptoms the doctors treat and not the cause. I did a lot of amerature research on house molds, fungus, and dust mites. The only peice of soft furniture we have is a pull out couch and that is steam cleaned twice a year. We watch humidity levels in the house and control at about 60 %. All other furniture is wood or removable cushions that are washed in hot water 2 times a month. I have helped many friends and being located in the Hudson river valley of upstate NY there are many people with seasonal allergies and there is a lot you can do for that, for example drink water constantly, use air conditioning during peak grasses or tree pollens.
    I would not have beleived my wife could recover so fast if I had not seen it myself. This is awomen who loved life had 5 children and couldn't even get out of bed for most of 14 months. Yet three days after carpet removal and puting mattress and box springs in vinal bags she was completely normal. Granted our home has a different decore than most it is open and uncluttered. But that to has a great appeal to people as we have been told. One other thing ,basements, humidity control very very impotatnat. Dehumidifier in working order, nothing stored against walls or on floor. Shelves and plastic bins, no cardboard or cloth. You get the ideal molds need humidy, and anything that holds moisture will produce a colony, even a non porous surface if the surrouding air is humid enough.
    Please ask any questions you want or E mail direct. Sometimes I don't check e-mail for a week so be patient.