God's plan is always one of order

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    God's plan is always one of order.

    There are many things in life that are predictable because of Divine order. Night gives way to day, winter gives birth to spring, the days grow longer as the summer nears, and most tress lose their leaves as autumn blends into winter. Divine order is not only visible with the cycles of the earth's rotation, it is obvious in the growth and development of living things and the planting and harvesting of crops. God is a God of order. Nothing that God does is haphazard or out of sync.

    Now let's take a peek at you. Are you in tune with the God of order or are do you march to the beat of a different drummer? As a follower of Jesus Christ your life should reflect a sense of order, design and purpose. If your life seems out of sorts then perhaps you are not in alignment with the Lord. You may be running in circles instead of having a sense of calm and meaning. Perhaps you are being pulled in many different directions by the influence of the world and the flesh. Life becomes orderly when you have your priorities right. Make God the first order of business in your life. When God is your first priority everything else falls right into place.

    At times you may feel like you are out of order! Now you know that life can be orderly when God is number one in your life. - Gail Lindsay

    "When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers, but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order." Proverbs 28:2