Going for 1st doctor exam for FM

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by catmom50, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. catmom50

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    I have an appt with a specialiost in FM in April. Can't wait to have (hopefully) someone understand me! I have such pain in lower back, neck arms etc. And tired, dry eyes, IBS (which they could never find a cause for, depression and now....Wow, the more I keep reading the more I see my symptoms in here. Today's which I thought I would look up is dizziness. I have it off and on, never dreamt it would be related to FM.
    Wish me luck in finding a diagnosis at last. This has been going on for a few years, finally an ortho a few weeks ago suggested I see this other specialist, as when he did my exam he couldn't believe the way I jumped when he touched me in places of my spine.
    I quit work 5.5 years ago and retired to central Oregon, hoping things would be better, but NOPE, they are getting progressively worse.
    Margie in Oregon.
  2. mom4three

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    I too am in Oregon. By Mcminnville.

    I just wanted to wish you luck.
    Also make sure when you go to talk about how you are on your worst day. Not on your good days. That way they will know how bad it is for you.

  3. catmom50

    catmom50 New Member

    Thanks Tracy..
    I hope to learn much more on this forum. Nice to know this isn't all in my head.
    We are down below Sunriver in Beautiful Central Oregon (not that your area isn't beautiful, I think all of Oregon is!)

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