Going for a medical...how do I explain the nature of CFS and Fibro? Rop

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    The aim of the UK government is to try to get back people back to work and the aim is not to find out if people on sickness benefit are fit for work but to assume they are fit for work, just not all types... They want to know what you can do..

    How do I explain these DD...how the symptoms wax and wane, how you have to stay within your limitations but how from day to day those limitations can change...how you can rest, pace, do everything right but still flare and feel much worse or how you can suddenly feel a little better for no obvious reason..?

    How do I explain how I always have a headache but how the nature of the headaches changes...one day, or even one part of the day they can be sinus, then tension, then migraine etc. ...How even activities that would be considered trivial like making a piece of toast can one day be manageable and how others I wouldn't have the energy or appetite to eat the toast even if I could make it...?

    I'm not sure how to explain my chemical sensitivity symptoms...esp as I, for the moment, have something I can wash and moisturise my face with, but cos that it now discontinued and I only have a little left and I've had no success in finding replacements, I know I'm going to be much much worse when I run out of my usual cleanser and moisturiser (everyone has to wash their face and when I use other stuff I experience a huge increase in all my worst symptoms...how I constantly live in fear of not finding stuff I can tolerate...?

    How, even if I could get to a job I wouldn't manage when I got there due to lighting, heating, sounds, chemical smells etc ....? :(

    I feel like I am just going to come across as a crazy woman who's shirking work...

    It honestly couldn't be further from the truth...I was an A student, never missed school, was never late, ran for the Harriers, got my degree, worked voluntarily before getting a job....then had to give up the job after just two years (was forced to give up the job by management cos I was physically and mentally beaten by these DD!) I don't want to come across to you all as blowing my own trumpet - I'm not a rocket scientist or anything! I'm just saying I am only 33, I have a brain and I can't use it. :( I can't work and am terrified they're gonna try to 'trip me up', 'catch me out' (cos this stuff is so hard to explain to people) and force me into work... I also don't want to come across as a work-shy, lazy person when this honestly couldn't be further from the truth. I would love to be well and be able to work as I'm sure everyone here, who can't work cos of these DDs, would.

    I couldn't get them to come to my house so I have to go to them and I'm worried even about my BF getting me there...it'll be in the car but this'll be the longest and furthest I've been in 3 or 4 months... there's no tel number on the letter and I am worried sick I'm gonna get there and the place will be freshly painted or something :( I'm terrified...

    Thanks for all those who replied to my first ? about this... I'm not applying for DLA...this is just to keep me on Income Support as a sick person...

    It's on Thursday morning... I am sure I'll be asked what an average day is like.....there is no average day for me so I wouldn't know how to describe one....I try to stay in my limits but I'm all over the place depending on so many things (sleep, chemical exposure, weather, what I've eaten, what stresses I've had, the temperature, hormones, how depressed I'm feeling...and sometimes nothing at all etc)

    Has anyone got any any advice? My appt is Thursday am ..

    Thanks guys, Shelbo
    Ps Those with faith, would you please pray for me? Thank you
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    Any advice anyone? Thanks, Shelbo
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    Just go and do the best you can. This is the pattern we all run into, do we come off as crazy?
    i just say quit worrying and go tell them what you just said. Be yourself and tell the truth.
    They say the truth can set you free! I totally understand what you are saying. I went for a mental exam to get ssdi in us. I probably shot myself in the foot by telling the truth. I will keep on trying i told them like you i want to work i want to be with people who wants to not work and hurt and stay home and be islolated.
    So be yourself and have faith!
    Good luck
    please let me know
  4. shelbo

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    I have answered more fully in the lovely thread of support Hensue started - thank you! It meant so much to me! :)
    Hensue....when will you hear the outcome of your testing?:) I hope it goes well..
    Nink..Thanks so much for your reply...for your kindness, support and empathy!!
    Also, Rocky76..thank you so much for bumping this message for me...that was really very kind of you..
    God bless, Shelbo

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