going for a walk -itchy skin afterwards

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    Does anyone else get tingling and itchy after exercise? About the only kind of exercise I am able to do is walk on my good days and I get overheated doing that. But one of the symptoms that I really hate is the itching under my skin.

    After I go for the walk my hands often feel more swollen and puffy (they don't look different, they feel different) and I keep rubbing them because they feel itchy under the skin.

    Sometimes I get the same feeling in my arms and my thighs! It drives me nuts. I do have restless legs syndrome (and arms too) at night and I am wondering if this is somewhat the same?

    Marion (Redwillow)
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    I belong to Curves and when I first started I would always have the worse painful itchy feeling on my entire back on the drive home.
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    Well I don't exercise much but I have the itchy skin and sometimes it will drive you crazy. Mine started before I ever found about the FM. All of a sudden I couldn't sit on my furniture anymore without my whole body going nuts. I mean it would itch from my hair and everywhere in between and I do mean everywhere to my toes. So I had to stop using the furniture and sat on my dining room chairs,they were wood. Then it just got worse,as time went on. I can't sit on certain kinds of material,it has to be very smooth and soft,which leaves me limited. I use a leather pad on my car seat and if I'm gonna be in someone's car I'll take the pad with me.

    My Mom makes fun of me,of course,and ridicules me for it. Says it's in my head and I've always done it. Well I haven't. I said to her the other day"why do you only think of the way I am now and criticize me for it instead of thinking how I've been my whole life". But why should I expect anything else from her. She's never had anything good to say about me or what I've accomplished. I can't wear certain kinds of material either. It can be very frustrating when I'm in offices or other people's homes. But I've learned to live with it.

    Sorry to go off in a story. Keke
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    I get it too!

    I found this short article - you might find it interesting.


    Itchy Legs for Walkers
    From Wendy Bumgardner,
    Your Guide to Walking.
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    You are not alone: I have had a handful of writers ask me about itchy legs. When they walked, their legs became so itchy they just had to stop. Sometimes walking and jogging were the only exercises that produced this condition.
    Symptoms:Itching, swelling or hives on the legs, arms, torso or neck during or after exercise. May progress to an anaphylactic reaction -passing out or closing off your airway.

    Exercise Allergy #1: Cholinergic urticaria (itching)

    It is the rise in body temperature that produces the itching, swelling, and small hives that some people experience. People who have this may also experience the same reaction in hot tubs, saunas, and see that they are more likely to get it on hot days. This rarely leads to anaphylaxis - the life-threatening drop in blood pressure that can be fatal in major allergic reactions.
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    bump for redwillow
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    this is an FM symptom. A lot of folks get this phenomenon, I have my whole life, decades before I had any other FM symptoms. To me it was always worse the cooler the outside temperature.

    I think it's pretty normal, though, just annoying!