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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lanie, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Lanie

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    My dr. has decided to check my head and make sure these headaches I have had since the accident are only headaches. My question is this, will the MRI pick up that I have Fibromyalgia or anything that normal people don't have because of the Fibro?

    Thanks I am really quite curious.
  2. Lanie

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    Hoping for some feedback.
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  4. babyblues68

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    I'm under the impression no test is going to tell you that you have FM. With me they ruled everything else out and pressed around on trigger points. I have seen somewhere on here people talking about lesions in the brain. I don't have much info on that or what they would cause.

    Have you had an MRI before? I had one last week. If your claustrophobic when they start to put you in...keep your eyes closed. Don't freak out that I said this...just want you to be aware...I wasn't. It was pretty wierd for me since I get panic attacks. I'm proud to say I made it thru with out an attack, by keeping my eyes closed and just think about my kids.

    Good luck with your MRI.

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    I have heard that Fibro has no specific test except for the trigger points and symptoms...
    The MRI itself is a piece of cake. I have had the closed and the open, I do prefer the open..
    It was pretty cool. I have found out that all these years I have done all sorts of things without linings on my brain and that I also have Chiari type 1...
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    Don't be disapointed if it doesn't pickup anything. Soft tissue injuries don't show. Did you have a whiplash injury or injury to your face?
  7. Lanie

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    I do understand that no test will show the FM, I was just wondering if there will be any difference in comparison to a normal healthy person.

    Babyblues-Yes, I have had 2 MRI's, one open one closed since my car accident. That is what triggered my claustrophobia. I am a wreck about this one as this one is in the smallest machine yet. Thanks for your concern.

    LL-Thank you so much for all that info. It is very interesting. Hopefully, it won't find any other issues. I think I have enough to deal with. :)

    Stillkicking- I had a whiplash injury 3 years ago. I have been diagnosed with Post traumatic Fibromyalgia and Reversal of the cervical spine. I am going for this Head MRI to make sure the headaches I have had since the accident aren't caused by anything else.

    Thanks again for all your replies.
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    when you go in for your MRI. Place a washcloth over your eyes. That way even if you "peek" you won't get the claustrophobia. I also have severe claustraphobia and get panic/anxiety attacks. The washcloth trick worked great for me. I have no qualms at all about going in for an MRI now after I learned this little trick. Good Luck.

  9. Harmony

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    I had an MRI of the brain a couple of weeks ago and it didn't show anyting other than 2 lesions that the Dr. said was nothing to be concerned about. I had it done because the dr. that is doing my back surgery next week wanted to make sure I was ok since I told him how lightheaded and faint feeling I get so much.

    I had IV sedation since I am so claustrophobic and that is the only way I could get it done. It worked great! I would recommend that if you are concerned about it or at least ask the dr. to give you a mild sedative my mouth. You do have to plan ahead of time for the IV sedation.

  10. bitter-sweet

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    I have had 3 MRI's. One was of my brain, but it was to check for injuries following a car accident. I recently read something about an MRI showing areas that indicate a more intense response to pain when a pain stimulus was applied compared to people without FMS. As far as the test itself. I kept my eyes shut and recited the Lord's prayer and the 23rd psalm. It helped me get through. Good luck.
  11. Lanie

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    Dara-Thanks! That is what I did last time and it went well. The washcloth helped a lot. What I am most worried about it feeling the MRI around me. Not sure if I lost enough weight yet not to rub on the machine.

    Harmony-Thanks for your reply. I could imagine that it would make me nuts to have the dr. say you have 2 brain lesions, oh, not a big deal though. Yeah, right! I have lesions on my brain! It may not be a big deal but it sounds dreadful! Good luck on your back surgery. I wish you all the best!

    Bittersweet-I read that same article. It was very interesting. I think I may bring my favorite CD to listen too. I find music to be comforting and relaxing.

    Thanks again for your replies. It is very kind of all of you.