going for routine lab tests

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  1. hensue

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    Of course Doc wants to rule out the thyroid deal. Make sure it is working correctly. He said to fast. Does medicine or shrimp that i have eaten for the past two days.
    Will that have any affect on my thyroid test?

    I take wellbutrin that revs you up! also valium and klonopin at night. I would think all these things would interfere in the test. I did not know i was having these tests. Or i would not have eaten shrimp?
    He says it is sensitive he just checks t4 and tsh
    Doing ok today
  2. Malcolm82

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    ...including thyroid, I have been told to do a 12 hour fast, meaning no food, only water for 12 hours before you get your blood drawn. Usually you can take your meds, but no dietary supplements unless your doctor says otherwise.

    Hope this helps!