going for Social Security Psych. appt. tomorrow

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    And I'm really dreading it. I'd appreciate any and all prayers I can get!
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    Just be yourself, dress comfortably and take tissues. You should have someone drive you there, because one of the questions will ask you that. Plus you may feel emotionally drained and will want someone else to take you home.

    I pray you'll do OK, but more so I pray you don't fret over it.

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    well, I made a boo-boo, but it was unavoidable. I had to drive to the appt. because my friend, who promised to take me, reneged and said she couldn't get off from work. This was relayed to me this morning and the appt. was at 11:00 today! My husband is working out of town and he knew that my friend was taking me, so he wasn't worried. Well, I called him, but he wouldn't have been able to make it home in time to get to the appt. So, that a was a bad thing. I didn't dress up. I wore a denim jumper-type dress with a while long-sleeved sweater beneath it and sandals. I wore no make-up except eye pencil and a pale lipstick and this is just because I look dead without something on this hive-covered face! I wore "comfort-clothing" and I went for only MY comfort. I can't wear jeans or pants or anything restrictive due to the angioedema/urticaria. (I am broken out badly and they could see this)
    The "doctor" was a heavy, older man who tried to make it known that he'd lived in Sweden and Germany and that he taught at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC (USA) and that he was also a Baptist minister. He also tried to tell me that I might have sleep apnea since I have some "weight" on me!! He has it and he let me know that he nearly died recently from it and he has to use a "machine" at night to help him breathe when he sleeps. He made sure to have a big pill box in my shirt pocket for all to see. I think he is a little pre-occupied, himself!
    The first question he asked, was if I was depressed. I told him that I wasn't today, but that I had a long history of depression. All I said was that my mother was an alcoholic and, BAMMMMMMMM!!!!! he went wild, talking about the fact that he used to chair meetings for Adult Children Of Alcoholics(ACOA) and he wanted to know more about how her drinking affected me. Then the man did the usual memory tests, including the subtraction of sevens from 200; and he said a line of numbers having me repeat them really fast; Then he said several words, such as umbrella, baseball, diary, telephone, razor, book, lamp....I didn't do well at all here; then he asked who the President of the US is and then who it was before him and then he asked who was President during the Civil War; I got these correct. Then I looked a about 10 cards which had simple drawings of nothing, just abstract drawings and I had to draw them on a sheet of paper. I don't draw well, but I did my best. Then he ask me alot of math questions. Say, if you were in a restaurant and your bill was $11.06 and you handed them a twenty dollar bill, what change should you get back? He did a lot of these and I hated that! I am not at all confident in my math skills, esp. when they're asked quickly and require a quick answer off the top of my head!!! He asked me about certain quotations, like "A stitch in time saves nine," and "The grass grows greener on the other side" and then one I've forgotten, because I'd never heard it before and I told him so. Then, he made sure to tell me that his report was to "tell the Social Security Administration that, if they were to send you a check, that it was my opinion you could handle the money well."!!!!!! I thought this was bull$*%^! He was so full of it and, if the truth be told, this is my general opinion of Psychiatry/Pschology anyway, but I was very nice to him and he said that he KNEW that I was a people-pleaser and that I needed to learn to accept help from others and, until I did, I was not going to stop having depression. He said that the ONLY reason people get depressed is that they don't PLEASE THEMSELVES, they please everyone else. Well, this is just crazy, but I wasn't going to argue with the man. First of all, the steroids make me depressed. Then, I had situational depression as a young dirl when my parents divorced and later, when my marriage failed and when my parents died~~~MOST people would've reacted the ssame to those situations, I think. The main thing that surprised me was that NOT ONE TIME did he mention anti-depressant meds...if I'd ever taken any or why I'm not taking them now. I was amazed by this! Most doctors I've ever seen want to write prescriptions or, at least, TALK about the many, many wonderful meds out there that will CHANGE EVERYTHING for me!!!!!
    Well, no matter what I did or didn't do, It's over now and I can't change a thing.
    Thanks for the well wishes!!
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    This Doc sounds like a real "piece of work"! Don't you wonder where they dig these kind up? I would have looked really dumbfounded if I was asked those types of math questions! I am definately a calculator dependent person! Too much fibro fog huh? I'm sure things are going to go your way - it is all just part of their game. Don't think that you blew it. Take care and find comfort that one more step is done....
    Best Wishes,
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    I don't know when my back has hurt so badly. All the driving and sitting and then.....I have a leak in a copper water pipe downstairs and I have a big bucket on the floor beneath it to catch the water; well, I've been lifting it and pouring it down the drain when it's full....this, I think, is the major problem. This, and bending to scoop out the litter boxes...as I've said before, I CANNOT bend forward at all without severe pain and spasms, but I did and I'm in extreme pain. Plus, I wore a pair of sandals that had a *thingy* between my big toe and the second toe and the shoes fit snuggly on the top and sides of my feet, so I am red and inflammed all over my feet from wearing them. (Due to my chronic hives and angioedema)
    Now, due my restrictive no-histamine, no-preservative, no-additive diet, I've aggravated my eating disorder and I've eaten next to nothing for an antire week. I haven't eaten anything before 1:30 p.m. everyday and even then, it was just Malt-O-Meal puffed wheat cereal. (that is legal on this diet) Then a few hours later I eat vegetables and some Breyers All-Natural vanilla ice cream. Thank God for this ice cream!!!! I LOVE it! Yesterday, the evaluation day, I ate nothing until about 6:30 p.m. and that was an ear of corn and cantaloupe. Today, I ate a RyKrisp Light Rye racker, al natural peanut butter on it and a glass of milk. I only ate this after vomiting a large amount of yellow-green liquid several times! I knew this would start again....it always does, when I restrict my diet. Oh well, weight loss will occur, at least! LOL
    Thank you for all your replies!!!!
    Love and good health to all!
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