Going for two mri's tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Line, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Line

    Line New Member

    I am having both done because of havng to travel 30 miles to an open air. We do have the tubes nearby but they would have to sedate to get me in one of those again. I am having the thorastic spine and the cervical done.A recheck from 10 years ago.lol. The tech said 45 minuets for each, well here comes a flare.

    Dos anyone know if the open air is as good o a study as the tube, I have heard they are not.

    When doing the spine can they view the lungs, breasts etc. I have read where they do breast mri's and am due for a mammo, maybe I will not need it.

    Thanks, Linda
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  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Teslar 3 Open MRI gives as good results as some of the closed MRI's for sure. They will do contrast if they need to, but my advice has been mostly they don't really need it, it just makes life easier for the radiologist. My last Open MRI they had a weird feedback coming through the headphones and the stop buzzer wasn't working so I had this awful howling sound screeching in my ears as well as the banging. Ask to test out the sound level of music prior to them starting up. Good luck, MRI's are the pits.
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I don't think they can see anything but the area they focus on, the rest is blurred I think but I could be wrong on that. Spiral CT's show more organs I think, but are not as good for brain and spine.
  4. lolee

    lolee New Member

    I had my first MRI ever done on Monday when they asked me if I was claustriphobic I said no.

    Well, that really wasn't a problem. But the hole event was rather traumatic. But at least I looked so kooky afterword my BF made dinner and waited on me hand and foot! LOL!! Actually he's pretty good about that anyway.

    So I for one can't wait to here how this goes for you!! I don't think I can do the whole cigar tube thing again!

    Good Luck!!


  5. Line

    Line New Member

    I just read a post where a woman had a mri done and was swallowing to often and her test was inconcusive. My allergies are draining like crazy. Hope mine are not inconclusive, I was suppose to go for a recheck 6 years ago and never went. My r. wants it done now because I am going into Pt.

    Thanks again, Linda

  6. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Good luck, let us know how it goes..I hear the open ones are as good as the tube..
    but do not know from experience because I paniced and couldn't have mine..It was the tube..I told them I would die first..

    I didn't answer your question just wanted to let you know I admire your courage..
    Two in one day just freaks me out..

  7. lolee

    lolee New Member

    How did it go?

  8. Line

    Line New Member

    Well they are over with and it was not bad at all, took about 1 hour with a 5 minuet break in between tests. They are very quite and the tech was really nice. She did say they can see part of the lung abnd a few other things besides the spine, but did ask what.

    My Dr. should have the results tomorrow but she is not in the ofice so should hear about the results on Mon,, she is great about calling with any test, a problem or not.

    Thanks for caring, Linda
  9. sillydragonfly

    sillydragonfly New Member

    I am a MRI tech.
    The open MRI's are good but not as good as the closed. The pictures are clearer on a closed. The open ones take longer but if concious sedation isnt an option for the closed then the open will have to do. They will still see what they need to see. As far as the one test being inconclusive it might be because of swallowing motion. What they are supposed to do is pause in between the scan so you can swallow in between them not during them.
    As far as what they will see, usually in order to get good detail we only scan the area ordered. Such as neck or hand or elbow or knee....that way we get better detail with smaller slices.
    Hope this isnt too much info. Just wanted to help.
    If you have any other questions i will be more than happy to answer.
    Sorry you dont like them...i know they can be scary!

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