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  1. snow_white1920

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    Has anyone gone off all meds after filing for disability? I know I have read that you are not supposed to change meds while filing, but wondered if anyone had?

    You may find it hard to believe but I believe I heard GOD tell me to go off all my meds and trust HIM so I did and now I have a lot of painful days but it makes me pray more and praise more. I beleive it has made my faith much stronger.

    I guess I really don't want to know that I have killed my case by following my religious beliefs.

    BTW, got my first denial letter even though 2 doctors that they sent me to approved my claim. They both told me that they approved it and said that no matter what, to stay strong and keep trying. So maybe they figured first time around I'd be denied. Go figure!
  2. cjcookie

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    If they see you are on no meds, they might think you don't need them. Definitely stay under the care of your doc and possibly talk with an attorney to see what he thinks. I have been denied twice and am waiting for a hearing now.

    Good luck.
  3. suzetal

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    Talk to your doctor first please.

    I stopped all my meds when I got a virus .I did not want to waste my money that I spent on my meds. All I did was throw up for 24 hrs.Well let me tell you wound up in the hospital in sever withdrawals.Hooked up to Iv's with pain meds.Plus had med Iv to stop the vomit.This time not the bug but withdrawals.So I take my meds no mater what.

    Please be careful.

  4. rockgor

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    that abruptly stopping certain medications (like antidepressants) can cause seizures or heart attacks.

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    Please take care. It can be dangerous to change medication while your system is sensitive. I believe that God helps us, but there is a difference between God's help and what we might believe we hear as information from God. God knows what's happening, but if you are ill, which you have to admit that you are, you may not be hearing properly. Even the God 'experts' argue. Maybe God really wants you to take care of yourself by taking the meds. that the medical 'experts' recommend. You might kill more than your case by following your religious beliefs, at a time when you are sufficiently ill and under stress to not necessarily be able to function totally coherently. Take care and please reconsider the reasoning and influences behind your decision.