Going on a cruise and sick with Flare

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jillian44, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. jillian44

    jillian44 New Member

    Please you guys and gals pray for me! I am sick with a flare and have the flu bug :(! Got it last Friday. You know when you get the flu and it's worse because you have CFS amd Fibro! Ten times worse. I have to get better by Monday! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please keep me in your prayers! This is the first trip after my Mom died. It's just going to be me, my sister and dad!
  2. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I feel really bad for you and do hope you get better ASAP. I had the flu 6 weeks ago and still have not recovered! I know exactly what you are going through. The only things that I know that will get you better as quickly as possible is to get as much rest as possible, eat tons of soups and juice, take extra vitamins, take 'Ester C'(your body absorbs much more Vit C), and at least take Tylenol for the body ache & overall yucky feeling. Unfortunately it didn't really help me this last time. Wishing you better health, Laura
  3. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    If there is such a shot out there to help lessen the severity of the flu, I'd love to hear about it. Please inform me if anyone knows about this. Thanks, Laura
  4. Liz919

    Liz919 New Member

    I hope you get better in time. But if you don't I'm sure you'll still have a good time. I went on a cruise during a sick period of my life and being in a pretty place and sick is still better than being home and sick I thought. Just a tip though don't take a nap on the deck unless someone is watching out for you. Hehe. I was really tired so I took a nap on the pool deck and didn't wake up for HOURS and was so sunburned I literally was sick (to my stomach and had horrible dizziness and migraines). Have fun!!
  5. kriket

    kriket New Member

    That's the pits to be sick and going on vacation. Maybe the down time and time spent will be good for you your sister and your dad. Hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise and hope you get well soon. Be sure and think of us all while you are gone!!!

  6. Gothbubbles

    Gothbubbles New Member

    Lets try to be well together!

    I'm flying tomorrow in the middle of a horrible crash.

    I hope we'll feel better in the morning! I wish you well on your cruise! Cruises are such wonderful things (i've enver been on one thoug)
  7. hubby

    hubby New Member

    I am sorry for you, as it is very difficult to fly or anyting when ill with flare. Fortunately have a wonderful husband that wastches out for me. He knows me and my ways, and makes me try and follow what I need to help me.

    The cruisa is wonderful in itself and I would suggest that you try and just remain aboard in ports, as you still have a good time, just resting enjoying your surroundings and not having all the people around.

    I say this as going ashore is expensive for excursions, and you are on a very tight schedule, that I could not relax, knowing had to get back to ship, usually by 5 to get on agaian and then there is dinner, shows, and many other thing to wander around and enjoy at night.

    If you take a shore excursion it is always a hassle to get to dinner, after bathing and getting ready for dinner.

    This is just a suggestion, you truly do have the best of both worlds no matter what you do but you have hardly anyone on board during shore excursions,

    and if I was in a flare, I loved just staying aboard and watching people, lying in lunger is ideal rest if you can tolerate sun, or get in shade.

    There is an infirmary aboard should you get seasick, or other things that may help you get through the moment and start over.

    The food is usually good, and you enjoy the people at your table to find new friends. Their are pros and cons for both, but believe me ther is enough to do aboard ship, and if you do shore excursions, you miss these tamer things.

    It is rush rush rush in a cruise, the bigger the ship the longer the lines. There is a show at night, and danging or a caroke bar most of the ships, and other things.

    Just a suggestion. I loved our cruises and want to take more but to the mediterarian, and alaska before the glaciers melt. Otherwise a cruise is not what we want now, we have been to most ports in the carribien and when you see one beach well you know what I mean.

    The other ones I want to take are different. We now want to fly into the ports we want to stay at and then we have plenty of time to enjoy. We have done this several times and have not regretted it.

    So just go enjoy, plan for plenty of rest and sleep, you don't have to be in bed, sleep on deck and people watch. I wish you well, as it is an experience either youm like or you don't but you need to experience.

    I was so fortunate my first cruise was like a once in a life time as we got a new ship, gorgeous decorated, little, and was taken care of by our steward tremendously. I had him unpack my suitcases so we could just jump in and get started.

    I enjoyed the days at sea as then we could really enjoy the ship. the servers would find out where we planned to be each evening, as we were a medium sized group and he got tipped well, so he would follow us, and it was like having your own personl servant.

    The shows were great, and if you went ashore they told you what to avoid and not buy from certain places, as they would rip you off. Time really means nothing to them, I think we arrived in Puerto Rico at about 10 or 11 pm.

    Where are you going? Please just go enjoy and you know what you can do and can't, and get lots of rest, don't want to get sick, or have the flare get worse, in fact you should get enough pampering and rest you should be well on the road to recovery, eating right foods, and all the stuff you should do.

    You didn't say if you were going with a group, we took 10 with us, so we had enough for teams of out own in the games, and full table. I kind of regretted it, not getting to know new people, but next cruise did.

    Second cruise was Carnival and I hate we had been on the first one and it was the best as we kept comparing. We had dedicated cruisers say that the one we took first was by far the best they had every been on, so you can see that.

    Carnival was not that friendly, or organized and very garishly decorated, much bigger ship, and we were told my the other cruisers that we would like a smaller ship and sure enough with the comparison it was magnificent.

    You will get a lot of pointers, get a travel book, like Frommers or somone else. you also get debriefed for every port and all amenities, they have something going on every day, so you just jave to decide what you want.

    Sorry got carried away, but it brought back memories, and we are kind of between a cruise, or trip, next time, but right now we retired a couple years ago and I have had a lot of medical problems and almost dieed so, have not planned anything for awhile.

    I miss my grandchildren and daughter so much, but oh well, we have a good place here. We are very lucky praise the Lord, what bad things He has given me to bear He had also gave me so many things to appreciate and enjoy so many times over.

    I have had as good a life as could be. Even with all the diagnosis. I have FM, CFS,half a stomach, so a lot of digestive problem and reyes syndrome, and several others, but the fm and cfs is enough.

    I would suggest letting the infirmary Dr know your problems so that they can take special care if something starts happening, like chest pain etc, you know how prone we are to them, and also seasickness, might be more susceptable with how we are able to handle illness.

    Go have a good time, take vitamins, and let us know how you turned out on the trip.

    good night and God Bless

  8. jillian44

    jillian44 New Member

    You guys are greatttttttttttttt Keep me in your prayers on the cruise. And I will think of all of you.

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