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    well i got a phone call on tue. my kids go to our churches private school. my goal and prayer was that if i ever went back to work i would get some kind of job in there school, so i would have the same days off as them, not have to work summers and so on and so forth.

    anyways i got offered a part time job from 11:30-3:00, i will be the k-5 assistant teacher. i am alittle nervous because my 5 yr. old will be in my class so i am not sure how he will try to get away with things when i am in school.

    i have been working with him alot on listening and being respectful so hopefully it will pay off. it will be part time so i will still have time to work on my road to health and if i have a flare i can push myself for the 3 hrs. as i am used to that having 4 children.

    so i ran out of town, i promised my kids we would visit my mom who lives in lake port, ca. i have to do teacher in service the week before school so we were running out of time. i just got my little bros comp. to work.

    he has dial up, i forget how slow it is.LOL.

    anyways the bad news i found out why my DH was so willing to let us come, usaully he dont like me to leave because i do so much for him.

    he is chosing to make alot of bad choices in life that is hurting himself and our family, please pray that he will turn back to God and think about his children instead of self gratifacation.

    anyways i will be home tomarrow, it is a 3 hour drive. killed my back. fibro hugs to all. cant wait to be home

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  2. blessedmom2four

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    finally able to come to board, i am going through difficult times with dh so please for give my absense, missing you all
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    saying prayers for you and your family now..

    take care

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    Insist that your DH take on the responsibility he helped
    initiate. Don't let him become a "5th Child" for you to
    be a mother to. I've seen it happen too often. Having
    four wonderful children is his blessing also.

    By Lakeport I assume you mean Clear Lake, Ca. Hope the
    kids and yourself have a nice visit and a little relax-
    ation time if you can. I'm somewhat familiar with the
    area and know that also it can get very hot! Lot's of
    Kool ADE for the kids.

    Keeping good thoughts for you
    and great chrildren,
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    fight; thanks for the prayers - we have been going through this off and on for 8+ yrs.

    tami:thank you for the prayers

    MrDad: he has been a 5th child for years now, when i wasnt so sick i didnt mind, i was able to be a stay at home mom
    so i did everything for him.

    i still try hard to do the physical things for him, i just get sick and tired of the emotional things.i just pray that he will grow up.and think about his kids and not self, for once in his life.
    anyhow, thanks for the thoughts and lake port was fun, kids got to go on a boat and swim in a lake.:)
    i never could understand people who struggle with addictions there whole life, i have watched most of my family now my husband. trust me i am a past drug user.
    its not like i have never been there.its just sad.