? going through medical review to keep SSD

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by GBHope, Jul 24, 2008.

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    How many of you have done this and were able to keep or not keep your SSD?

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    The following might not help you much, hopefully there will be lots of good ideas coming in soon, but a while back I posted this,oops wait, before I put up the copy, Good Luck!:

    Soc Sec here in Northern CA was not very nice at all when I got their Fill Out These Forms, then be ready to see a dr for confirmation or denial letter.

    I filled out their forms and then phoned the number on the demand letter. Found that I would not be allowed to ask that "my" dr be allowed to fill out yet other forms. No.

    SS person said I had to get to either one of two towns, to see a dr of SS's choosing. When I tried to explain the difficulty of getting to someplace rather far from my home the rep snapped "Okay, then we'll just use the information we have now," and slammed the phone down.

    You bet I called her back. Told her NOT to do that again, and said I'd do my best to get to her choice of drs.

    The dr turned out to be a real beauty, almost spoke English, was a chiropractor.
    His report to SS went like this: "Client was able to ambulate down my hallway, has range of motion in arms" (and here he wrote the percentage of R of M, don't know how he figured that out with no measuring devices of any kind and although he hadn't asked me to see how far I could move my arms) "claims she cannot bend to touch her toes."

    Well, I couldn't bend to touch my toes. He showed me how HE could do it and I congratulated him for being in such good shape and good health.

    And he didn't have a hallway, either, for "ambulating" or anything else. He opened a door, called out my name, I got up from a chair beside the door and walked through, made a sharp left turn into an office.

    Those things are just a couple of the lies he told; only when it turned out I passed exam did I allow myself to laugh at the guy.


  4. tandy

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    I'm not sure if its the same thing but I had a medical review for SSI. I was collecting for 3 or 4 yrs and then got a letter from them saying that they were reviewing my current health issues. (my case)

    I just had to sign medical record releases.
    and then on a short questionair, answer some crap about my health. Example: has it improved? yea right.
    have I been hospitalized, or had any surgerys,tests? just stuff like that.

    anyhoo~ about a month later I got an approvel letter for another 4 yrs. at which point I have ANOTHER review.

    hope this helps and good luck,
  5. GBHope

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    I went through my last medical review in Dec 05 and now due for one in Nov 08, but doubt that it will come on time. Wondered if anyone had any trouble with their review, in terms of there SSI or SSD being discontinued? Mine pretty much went like what you said about signing the releases and then having to fill out some forms. They sent forms to my doctors too.

    I am a little worried since I work though. You just never know if they are going to figure you're cured or something. I wish!!!!

  6. whoachief

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    I have been on social security since 2000. in 2008 I was sent to a psych. & their "dr". received letter saying my ss was being terminated as I had improved & I should be able to work. my dr laughed & said he wouldn't hire me! I am in the appeal process now - recently was told it was in "medical review". we'll see! I can't afford my meds now - if my ss is terminated we will be homeless soon with 5 children!!
  7. GBHope

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    What do you think caused them to think that you were improved? Do you work part-time as I do? I'm frustrated. Your up the creek if you do and up the creek if you don't. I can't afford not to work part-time. I have been on SS since 1996 and only had the one review in 2005. How long have you been in appeal if you don't mind my asking? Sorry, I can't flip back over to read your post w/o losing what I've already written. Are you still receiving SS? I had thought I heard that when you're in appeal, you can continue to receive your SS, but that if you're denied, they would make you pay back what they have given you during that time. That would be really horrible. I hope things work out for you with that appeal. I'll be saying a prayer for you!!!!

  8. alangan1

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    I have been on SSDi for about 14 months now. I am wondering when my first review will be, I know that judge said it looked bleak in terms of me returning to a normal life. So when is it normal to have your first review and is it a really good idea to keep seeing the Dr and documnet all you can on the records. I am even afraid to work for a few hours, i wish I could just for mental health, but I cant jepordize my benefits in any way. Weigh in anybody, thanks

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