Going to a pain clinic, need input

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  1. lighthouselady

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    I'm going to a pain clinic next week for the first time, consultation. Formerly I saw rheumatologists and couldn't find anyone I wanted to go to so am trying the clinic. Does anyone have any hints or ideas, or just plain thoughts on pain clinics. I'm being referred for my low back pain, spinal stenosis, curvature & bulging discs. I'm hoping that they'll be able to help the FMS too. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

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  2. Kinsie

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    I have been so tempted to go to a pain clinic. I've not heard one word about the one we have here in town. I have no idea if it's highly recommended or not. I'd like to know more about it before I make an appointment.

    Will be looking forward to hearing about your experience.

  3. pasogirl

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    After over 14 years with chronic TMJ-- and probably the fibromyalgia and recently confirmed - My maxiofascial surgeon recommended the pain clinic since they are specialists with all meds and fixing the right "cocktail" - no kidding - I wanted the low dose - let me function kind of stuff and my dr has been wonderful trying to keep as conservative as possible - yet I have had to increase but very carefully - I have a very high pressure sales&mktn position and have to remain sharp at all times - I now take neurontin and amidrin and 50mg duragesic pain patches - a little loopy to start - a day or so - but it really tackles the headaches -- which were like a baseball beating constantly - and the aches and such are much better and after getting over little loopiness - doing fine- I also have cortizone injections into trigger points on neck and shoulder - these are no fun - they truly hurt like heck -- but do offer relief in releasing tension in those parts - you got to find the right doctor - mine said he could easily fix the pain with high dose stuff - but he was empathetic and truly helped lead me and guide me - he keeps a close check and makes sure all OK --
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    Hi I have tried a pain care specialist and I had a nerve block done on each side of my head. My main problem is my neck and the lower part of my head.The process was complicated. I had to go two different days just to get one shot in each side of my head. They had to hook my up to an ivy machine, heart monitor, blood pressure just to do the thing. Then they tell you they are going to put you to sleep but you will still be awake??? Didnt really inderstand that either. Then after you get it done you have to stay for the next few hours so they can monitor you. You have to have someone drive you home. The next day I felt horrible from the ivy stuff. So basically it takes a total of four full days. Unfortunately it only lasted a month for me. So when you work its hard to get off four days a month. It really didn't work for me. Maybe it would work for you. Don't get me wrong my nech was so much better in that month.
  5. lighthouselady

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    Thanks all for your input. I appreciate it. I'm anxious to see what they have to say next week.

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    Im bumping for more reponses - I too would like to know about experiences at the pain clinics.
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    My doc sent me to one. He told me to take copies of my xrays, ct scans, etc. of my back.

    You could call the clinic and ask them if the doc wants new patients to bring copies of all recent scans and tests, etc. This way, the doc knows exactly what you are dealing with and knows that you are not faking it--just there for the narcotics.

    The pain doc will probably want to start you out on physical therapy, etc. before he tries you on any narcotic pain relief.

    I ended up having 3 lumbar epidural spinal injections for pain -- none of them helped.

    After complying with all of their requests for therapy, shots, etc., and nothing working, I am now on pain pills.