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    Back in March I saw the Dr who diagnosed me with FM. I told him Ultram was not helping, Trazedone was making me too sluggish. He switched me to Ambien, that kept me up all night. He refused to give me anything more for pain. Vicodin helps, it takes the edge off, he wouldn't give me any. he said "come back in three months". I'm miserable. So finally I wrote a letter to him and asked to be sent to someone who specializes in Fibro pain. How many of you have gone to a pain specialist? I went to one last summer when we thought we were deal with a disc problem. Can you give me any pointers on how to approach getting relief. It is very sad to say, and I really surprise myself by admitting this, but if it means to be dependant on a narcotic (Vicodin) for the rest of my life its better than being nonfunctional for my two boys (5 &8 ). Anyone else struggle with this? I haven't been on this site in quite a while, any new drugs out there I can suggest to the pain guy when I see him at the end of this month?
    Thanks!!! Mare
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    I went thru several doctors, physical therapy, and all kinds of "helpful" suggestions. I kept bugging my family doctor till he admitted that he was afraid to prescribe the type of meds that he knew I needed. He didn't want the DEA coming down on him. Then he referred me to a pain management consultant. Right away, he put me on morphine, roxicodone, neurontin. As we've gone along he's also added some more medications. He loves to "mix it up" with the DEA. The only advice I have is to be honest about what you have taken and how well it DID NOT WORK!! It's kind of a trial and error thing when you first start working with this kind of doc. The want to keep you on the lowest dose that will give you relief. But, they aren't afraid to up the doses till you have some sort of life worth living again. Good luck and let us know what happens please.
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    Gave me Morphine which worked beautifully. It allowed me to pursue other means of pain relief like physical therapy, exercise, and the Guai treatment. I also believe that the Klonopin has pain killing properties. I looked at taking opiods as a temporary treatment until I could do more permanent things. I feel very fortunate that it worked for me. If it hadn't, I would have continued the Morphine. We can do nothing when we are in gross pain.

    Good luck with your doc. I always suggest people try pain specialists if they are not getting pain relief from their other docs. Pain specialists know our kind of pain.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm currently on Oxycontin, for pain & Soma for muscles spasisms. I also take Zyprexa to help me sleep & Lexapro, anti depressant. I know what you mean when you say you don't care if you're dependent on the narcotics, just as long as they keep working. I don't think doctors realize that narcotics are sometimes the only thing that gets us up & moving. I can't take the pain.
    Good luck
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    I started about 3 years ago with Tylonol # 3 and also tryed Neurontin but wish i had a up the dosage instead of going on to something else, to give it a fair try...The next was percocett and then to Oxycontin.I have been on Oxycontin for about 1 1/2 and it has got me out of bed and moving, i even find it gives me a bit of energy...not sure why, i dont think there is any cafeine in them.MY Dr said with the time release oxy , i will not be chasing pain..
    I have said to many Doctor's , I dont care about being addicted to a narcotic pill, what is the big deal about addiction when there is a reason for it..The benefits out-weigh the concerns.
    My advice to you is get a Doctor that understands how much pain you are in and what the pain is doing to your quailty of life.
    I had a bad experience with a pain clinic, but i would still say to you find one that understand CFS/FM and go from there..
    IF you have burning type pain they will probably try you on neurontin, it is the drug of choice.
    I am afraid alot some DRS think about there licence more than there patient's.I heard one horror story about a family DR that would not prescibe anything stonger than extra strength tylonol for one of his patients with FM, and you can get them over the counter....sad..so sad....

    It didnt take me long to realize that if you dont get the pain under control then the pain will control you, and when you are in pain all the time that means no sleep at night, and you dont feel like eating, it is a snowball effect..I have heard of people dealing Chronic pain with no medication, and i have no idea how than can do this.If i get into a hot ebson salt bath, it will take my pain away for about 20 mins after i am out.I use a heating pad also when i am laying down, the pain pills take the edge off, but do not take all the pain away.

    Good luck i hope you get your pain under control


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    I came out of a surgery with the most horrible burning pain for which a doctor gave me neurontin. That helped but it was`nt until I went to a pain specialist that I got any kind of real help. I just explained the type of pain I have and he put me on oxycontin,klonopin and I have the neurontin plus lortabs 75 for break thru pain. I am not pain free but am so much better than I was.I believe we have to take what ever meds help us with a better quality of life. Fibromyalgia is a terrible disease which needs much more attention from doctors than it gets. A really good pain specialist will give you what you need and not worry about their liscense. The best of luck to you with your new doctor!