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    OK I broke down and made the call...
    I called a therapist here in town to help me and hubby sort thru all the issues here at home and maybe to help me vent the pressure I am under. When I spoke w/ my Minister Ben he is the one who supplied me this persons name to contact. Im at my final breaking point and I can no longer live this way and watch four children also deal with the stress. Its not fair to them. I feel like such a bad mommy because of all the tension between hubby (who is so entirely clueless and thats whats really lighting the fire to my fury) and myself. Not sure where or how we can pay for it, but it is necessary and we need help bad.
    I pray that this may be the answer...that maybe a third party will awaken my hubbys sense somewhat...who knows if its part of his disability...maybe if I truly find out he really Cant help the way he thinks and acts that it may shed some light and make me more tolerant. For now, I ask for prayer for my household...some inner peace for me as I despirately need it, some calm to the storm in our home and for me to be able to forgive myself for being such a harsh person and a bitter person lately from all this stress and responsibility that is wearing and tearing me down. I ask even more so for prayer for me to stop living my life driven only by "guilt" and for me to be content with my blessings, for me to stop judging myself so critically and to stop looking for "perfection" in myself because I know that the reality of it all is that nothing in this world is perfect other than our Holy Father and his promisses to all of us.

    Thanks again!

    P.S.(I left work early today as I have fallen pretty ill....a little prayer for quick healing please....I feel so horrible today)
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    Don't worry now how you're going to pay.....things will work out.
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    We all have had times of harshness and bitterness and guilt. We know that is not the way you want to feel and act. You have so many pressures right now - give yourself a break! You have a right to your feelings. By acknowledging them you relieve much of the impact they can have on you. You know, Diane, you can actually have a fresh start! Just pray, and I will pray in a minute, that you be relieved of all the negativity and be filled with light and love and a certain knowledge of your relationship with God.
    Lord God Omnipotent, please put Your hand on tis family. You see the difficulties there, and You know the olution. Father, please bring calm and peace to his home, and bring Diane to a place of safety where she knows that You are working and changing rarranging. Father, the husband has a disability - please, if he is capable of helping his wife with the home and children, cause him to own up to his own mental wholeness and place in him a strong desire to do what the children and his wife need from him. Make him again the head of the household, and Father, if his brain will not permit this, then please give Diane a great sense of security as she learns how completely she can lean on you and give you here troubles. If the husband is not capable of helping, then please cause him not to create any confusion in the home, and help him to be all he can be today, whatever that is. Let there be no hiding in this family, this household, but honesty and truth coming from all.
    Thank You , dear Jesus, thak you.
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    I pray that the therapy helps you. Therapy, like God, works in mysterious ways. Many times, changing how we interpret and react to life causes a change in how others relate to us. This starts an upward spiral which is so helpful to everyone.

    Sometimes, the therapist will have the whole family or individual family members join the sessions later on. This can be especially helpful to the family dynamics.

    Best of luck to you and God bless you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Diane. Just a short note....Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.(Psalm 37:5).
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    for all your supportive words and prayers. If I can get past the communication barrier with hubby and he can finally open his eyes to how difficult things are for me I think he would react differently. He tends to blow off how I feel...hes been doing it for so long that now I am so angry I react very harshly when he blows me off. I love him so much...but I can be so cruel at times because he can make me SO MAD that I can actually feel the blood rush to my head and I feel like literally exploding. And then he looks at me cluelessly....like why am I so frustrated or angry.....like a little boy....he just will NOT see what I need him to see. I know he loves me very much and for the most part I just think he just doesnt take life serious enough. Perhaps because hes been dead before...Im not sure.
    But with Prayer and a lil elbow grease...I know things hopefully will settle down here.
    I truly am heart broken lately though. I feel very alone. I miss "us" so very much! I miss the peacefulness we use to have.
    Funny how stress can really beat down an entire household.

    HUGS to you all!