Going to doctor on Monday. Need advice please

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    I'm going to a spine dr on Monday. I have been using a wheel chair for the last two months.
    I first got a chair about nine years ago. I spent around three months in it. I couldn't walk. My legs and back really hurt bad. At the time I did physical therapy for six weeks. It helped.
    I still used the chair to sit in. Any other chair made my body hurt.
    Last year i got a leather desk chair. I put the wheel chair away.
    It felt good to use the chair. It was August 2011.

    This June my legs started to bother me. By sept. I had trouble walking. I'm back in the wheel chair. I'm not sure what is going on.
    I have two places where I have d disc d. There are bone spurs between the first and second cervical disc. A bulge between the 5&6 disc.
    I went to a rehumy dr last year and he couldn't tell what was fibro. He was no help.
    I decided to go to a spine dr.
    My question is. Does any one go by the book, Fibromyalgia& chronic myofascial pain,survival manual. By Starlanyl & Copeland.
    I have been since around 2002.
    Just about everything I experience is in the book. I was getting my other drs papers ready to take with me on Monday. I'm taking this book. In the section where there are pictures of pain spots. I marked 25 spots where I have pain. It sounds like what I am experiencing is fibro. It could be a bad flare.
    I was diag. With fibro in1998. the dr called it right-sided fibro, regional, repetitive motion. most of my pain is on the right side. she said it was rare. i saw dr SaLly Marlowe in Clearwater, florida. I believe that I have had it since I was about seven years old. The dr said that the pain in my lower legs was growing pains.
    At 67 it can't be that. Is very hard not to have a doctor to help me.
    I appreciate any help. Thank-you