Going to doctor on Monday. Need advice please

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    I'm going to a spine dr on Monday. I have been using a wheel chair for the last two months.
    I first got a chair about nine years ago. I spent around three months in it. I couldn't walk. My legs and back really hurt bad. At the time I did physical therapy for six weeks. It helped.
    I still used the chair to sit in. Any other chair made my body hurt.
    Last year i got a leather desk chair. I put the wheel chair away.
    It felt good to use the chair. It was August 2011.

    This June my legs started to bother me. By sept. I had trouble walking. I'm back in the wheel chair. I'm not sure what is going on.
    I have two places where I have d disc d. There are bone spurs between the first and second cervical disc. A bulge between the 5&6 disc.
    I went to a rehumy dr last year and he couldn't tell what was fibro. He was no help.
    I decided to go to a spine dr.
    My question is. Does any one go by the book, Fibromyalgia& chronic myofascial pain,survival manual. By Starlanyl & Copeland.
    I have been since around 2002.
    Just about everything I experience is in the book. I was getting my other drs papers ready to take with me on Monday. I'm taking this book. In the section where there are pictures of pain spots. I marked 25 spots where I have pain. It sounds like what I am experiencing is fibro. It could be a bad flare.
    I was diag. With fibro in1998. the dr called it right-sided fibro, regional, repetitive motion. most of my pain is on the right side. she said it was rare. i saw dr SaLly Marlowe in Clearwater, florida. I believe that I have had it since I was about seven years old. The dr said that the pain in my lower legs was growing pains.
    At 67 it can't be that. Is very hard not to have a doctor to help me.
    I appreciate any help. Thank-you


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    you mentioned, I don't go by any book. I've waded thru this FM stuff since 1999 on my own with help here and getting other things addressed.

    I've dealt with OA issues starting at age 18 and got thru life pretty good, and then not long ago my hip issues acted up, my GP said I would end up in wheelchair if I didn't get hip replacement, PT pretty much said the same.

    So, in 2010 I did the hip replacement and so much as gone down hill back issue-wise, but No Wheelchair, thank goodness...I do a lot of other type protocols for my back stuff and now including acupuncture.

    We're all so unique with our bodies....and NOW, I'm doing all I can do to NOT do any more surgery...the hip replacement was enough, and it did a lot of damage and I've had complications from it too.

    Thankfully, I live in a city that has a lot of alternative healers and I seek that work out as best I can. Hope you find some answers for you...I'm 74....