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    If they find that I might need an anti viral IV or something like that... do I pay for all those EXTRA things or is it included AND do I have to do ANY of the treatments if I dont want to?? I mean I know they cant "MAKE ME" but I mean will they give the impression that it would hinder what THEIR protocols are, etc?? Or... are they good about working with you and open to YOUR idea?? THANKS SO MUCH! Karen
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    None of the IV's or medications are included in the fees. All of that is extra.

    They can't "make" you do anything but it's strongly encouraged that you follow their protocol but I go to the one in Atlanta and she is willing to work with you.

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    Hi Karen,
    Good luck with your FFC appointment. I've been going since March.

    The first visit is $325 for the office visit only. Subsequent office visits are $165. They do not take insurance. Payment is required at time of service. They will provide you with a form that you can sent to your insurance on your own.

    Labs are separate, through Quest Diagnostics. I gave them my insurance cards and they billed for me. No payment up front. I have Medicare as primary, and they have paid all of my labs to date that the FFC ordered.

    The charge for my first set of labs was around $2000. Medicare paid at their "allowable" amount and I was not responsible for any payment.

    The IVs are separate. If you do not wish to have one, just decline. No pressure. Some people have had a lot of success with the IVs, others not so much. The cost depends on which IV is given, and ranges from $90-$115 or so.

    Supplements/vitamins/herbs are also separate. You can buy them there, or elsewhere. FFC carries certain formulas that may be hard to find elsewhere. I've had some success online or at the prohealth website here.

    Prescription medications may also be recommended.

    Following the protocol they outline is most likely in your best interest. They are addressing such things as hormone imbalances, immune system function, viruses, candida, etc. If you have concerns, just voice them to the doctor. Most of the FFC doctors are very open and willing to work with you.

    I've had some negative reactions to certain medications, and when that happens I just call the office to get help and direction about what to do.

    I wish you much success in finding the help you need at FFC. Let us know how everything goes.


  4. bettydroop

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    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO Your posts helped me so much and it was exactly what I was wanting to know!!!
    Your grrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaatttt!

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