Going to get answers at last, I hope

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by teller7, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. teller7

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    I haven't been on here for quite awhile. I've been up and down alot. I finally got my doctor to refer me to Oregon Health And Science University in Portland. My appt is for the 30th. If they can't help me, I don't know where I'll turn to next. I do have a question. Does anyone have trouble sometimes focusing their eyes? And do you get headaches alot?
    Also, the one's who are on heparin, is it helping you?
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    Keep your expectations reasonable and gain as much information as you can from this new resource. Congratulations on a new outlet. I get terrible migraines and find this to be the most dibilitating for me. I have a hard time focusing my eyes whether Im on meds or not and get even more headaches after I read for my College classes. Tina
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    I am up in Washington state. I do take coumadin and get alot of migraines. Yes my eyes get goofy. Good Luck..Teri
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    I too had funny vision, like my eyes were jumpy or something. I also had occasional dizziness and strong brain fog .

    For me what made a huge difference was a very restricted diet and a detoxifying protocol with the product called UltraClearPlus.

    With about one small exception, since I began this at the end of June, I have not had any of these problems

    As for your new medical center helping....I sur ehope and pray they do ....but I've foundthis board and following leads here has been more informative than i could ever hope a doctor or even a team of doctors could be.

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    Yes, I have recently had some trouble getting my eyes to focus. It is a little scary. I too am from Oregon. Where are you from and who are you going to see at the OHSU. They have some wonderful doctors there. I have done some research on their website. Please keep us informed on your visit. I am thinking that that will be my next step to getting better if I don't have any luck with what I am doing now.
  6. teller7

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    I'm in Central Oregon near Bend. The doctor I'm going to see in Portland is Dr. Brant. He's an infectious disease specialist. He also deals with CFS. I think they have a center at OHSU for CFS. I'll keep you posted for sure