Going to GRACELAND! Whoopee!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kellyann, Feb 8, 2009.

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    This valentine's day will be my hubby and my 15th anniversary. We are going to Graceland to celebrate! I can hardly wait! I've been once before and had the time of my life. We are going to go to the Pink Palace Museam again too. Whoopee! I am happy dancin' all over the place! I hope the weather will be nice next weekend.

  2. kellyann

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    Thanks for the well wishes! I intend to have the best time ever! I'm going to be busy planning our trip this week. We have two small girls ages two and five, so I'll have to pack them lots of clean clothes, toys, and their DVD player to watch on the trip. I have a neat DVD player for the girls, it has two screens. My hubby found it at a yard sale and paid $15 for it. It sure is nice to have on a long trip! It keeps the girls occupied! They love Dora and Blues Clues the best. I already reserved a cabin to stay in......it is going to be sooooo much fun! As you can tell I am getting very excited. I haven't been out in so very long. I swear, sometimes I sit here in this house for a couple months at a time, not even going to the store or anything. I have so much pain it is hard to get around, especially with two little ones. And I rarely have a babysitter. So, I am really, really looking forward to this weekend!

    Going to see Graceland is reason enough to go to Memphis! You really ought to go!



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