going to my doctor friday,any advice on howto ask him for somethi

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    my head eaes and neck hurt almost constantly. i have an appt with my reg. internalist friday for my yearly check-up. he`s one of these thats scared to give you anything higher than lortab10. any advive on how to approach him with this subject without seeming like a drug-crazed addict out to score drugs. he can be reasoned with at times if he`s not in a hurry.i really need something else besides lortab for this pain,its like nothing i`ve ever experienced before. i`d appreciate it if you would answer this before friday as my appt is that evening.thanks for reading it anyway. nje
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    I don't know, I have not had much luck in this area. But one thing you should do is make a list of the things you want to say. You have no idea how many times I go to the doc and forget half the really important points I had wanted to raise!
    Myth :)
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    I am seeing my Orthopedic Dr. tomorrow and my ENT on Friday, we are trying to pinpoint what is causing my Pain.

    I do have a Mastoid Disease, and it hurt's like Hell. My PC had me taking 2 Vicodins every 6 hour's, but they are the 500.'s. So I went back to my 750's and cut one in half, when my Pain is real high I take one of each.
    It dosen't cut the new Pain I am having, it helps, but the ear pain and fullness still hurt;s.

    I'm concerned also about my Liver, so I'm asking for a change in my Med;s, and I want him to continue treating me for the FMS, as the PC and Nuerosurgeon I am seeing, don't have the clue they Think they do.

    I'm thinking of asking for norco, as it has less Tylenol, and I don't think it's a triplicate yet. I really don't want to have to increase my Med's, but this Pain is Unbearable and has been for over 2 month's now.

    Good luck to you, hope your Doctor will listen to you, hoping mine does. After all, I just want the increase for this Pain. Once we figure out what it is, like which Mastoid Disease it is, then we can go from there, and hopefully get back to my Usual doseage of Med's that keep me active. Remember to tell the Dr. it's just for this new Pain, while your are exploring what the cause might be.

    also you might want to check out some of the Pain Website's,
    it's written in your search engine as pain, followed by the usual.

    also the, partners against pain, website has a ton of information and a Great letter, it's a cool website. Lot's of info for both Pt's and Doc's. I posted some other website's in a post to Marilyn that you might want to look at also. Just don't worry that it;s what you have, you will need some testing to be sure that's the dx for you first. Like MRI and CT. [This Message was Edited on 06/26/2003]
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    Hi NJE:

    I know how worrisome it can be to go to a doctor and wonder if they are going to believ you. When I went in for my fist appointment I was just honest with my Osteopathic Internist and asked him upfront on what his view was on FMS. In addtion I had brought my symptom list and the other disorders that I was concerned should be ruled out as well as a website printout on FMS with the locations of the body. To my surprise he was very open to talk about the issue and he did a thorough exam and other lab tests to rule out other disorders. I think honesty is the best policy, but go inprepared with questions and info you have noticed aboout yourself. LOL.