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    Going to be going to a new doc, got a appointment this coming friday early morning. I have been going to a family doc for the longest, since being diagnosed, while in the process of being diagnosed, etc.

    I had to change docs because of lack of health insurance. My husbands dropped, because we cannot afford it anymore, while he is on healthy start.

    I am starting a community/city health clinic, through the health dept. Its sliding scale fee, for low income people. I just hope like heck I get a understanding doctor. I cannot afford to go anywhere else right now.

    Things I know to do before going.. For one take my records with me, definitly. Try and explain whats going on. Also take some support with me, I am taking my husband along for the first appointment.

    Right now I think I am on just too many meds. Some I havn't been able to take because I just cannot afford them. They are supposed to also offer help on lower cost meds, like a sliding scale fee, or even samples.

    Meds I am on right now..

    Paxil CR

    Ones I dropped because of costs..

    So any suggestions of this first time docs visit? Anything would be appreciated, I want to be prepared for sure.

    They also refer out on lower fees, to different specialists, like blood work.. etc. Nutritionists available, possible physical therpay.

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    I, too have only gone to my fam. doc. since Dx and am going to an Endocrinologist for the 1st time tomorrow. A bit nervous I admit. I am going to bump up Madwolf's post on "how to talk to your doc" for you to read as it is a great help for us. Best of luck to you, I know what you mean about the disadvantage of no insurance, I don't have any either. love, Rebel
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    Thanks for the reply, I wish the best for you on your next appointment also.

    I get nervous at times, when in new situations, with new docs...etc. I stumble on words, don't get everything across that I wish to, and feel crappy afterwards for not doing so.

    I printed the post out that MadWolf shared, sat down and wrote things out, then made it simpler..and going to continue doing so. It was a wondeful post, and feel honored we have such a great guy here.

    Main concerns for me is..
    Increased migraine with earache.
    Continued pain on left side of body.
    Kneee pain.
    Leg cramping.
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    I came on tonight just to give you some encouragement for your appt. My appoint. went great today. The doc was very down to earth and said his main goal is to help me find answers and get myself to feeling better. Can you believe it?! Anyway, he did some blood tests to check out my adrenal / thyroid function and will get the game plan when those results are in. He does want me to see a neurologist for my loss of strength and weakness in my arms and legs. Haven't figured out where the money is going to come from yet, but if it is meant to happen it will, right?!
    BTW, I typed up an info sheet for the doc today. Put the doc's name, date and appt. time. at the top and then put down what my current med's were, my Dx's to date, my list of symptoms that I wanted to discuss today. Gave it to him right after shaking his hand, and it all went great! Be sure to let me know how it went! love, Rebel
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    I hope it turns out allright too! I am so happy yours did, that is so great to hear. Thanks for taking the time to come on and reply also...
    I read your profile and it said you were a assistant pastor?
    That is soo cool!
    I am gettin baptized Sunday, cannot wait! Been a year of growing, getting to know the Lord. Becoming a Christian, its made the biggest differnce!

    I read you also have children? I have three sons, ages 11, 16 and 13 myself.

    (Looking forward to when school starts back up in a month)

    Well, off to bed, early morning appointment.

    Thanks again!
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    My docs appointment went OK. Some not great stuff, some good. Its through a low cost health clinic like I mentioned before.

    Got a lady doc, foreigner to me, I think she is Korean. The way I felt from her is that my lifestyle, depression, weight problem is the cause of it all. I informed her differently of course. I didn't have a weight problem, until diagnosed with the Fibro. Been suffereing from depression all my life, more depression though since the diagnoses, pain and all that goes with Fibro.

    No way would she prescribe anything for pain. She went into how one starts off on lower doses, works yourself up to higher ones... because the effectiveness no longer works. Then the addictiveness. Same reaction with Xanax also. Controlled substances. I was referred out to a pain clinic, go there in 2-3 weeks.

    Also referred out to a dietician.

    I felt like she was looking down at me. Like she thought I was stupid or something. I may be in lower class financially, but I let her know that I am not lower class in the head.

    Got blood work done too, just basics. Urnie sample. If anything comes back not good with labs and etc. they will call me.

    I do not feel comfortable with her, didn't really like her. But what other choice do I have? No insurance, no real medical care.

    I hope to get a job soon, that offers good health insurance.

    I want to go cry, and am going to, relieve stress from it all.

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    Sorry things didn't go better, but I think you will get a better reception at the pain clinic. Doc's are trained to be real cautious of giving folks w/ depression pain killers.
    I know it is the pits for us though. My endoc. wanted to know why my primary hasn't tested for Ms and I told him that I don't have insurance and my doc has always been more concerned with the cost of things than my quality of life.
    Yes, I was asst. Pastor (guess I will always be a pastor, as it isn't a job, but my life). My spiritual life is always what carries me through the rest. Congratulations on your Baptism! Please don't let this one doc's condescending ways get you worked up, stress is not good for us. I believe she is just a way to a means, in toher words; she is referring you on to the people that will be the most help. So, be encouraged and know you are Not alone. love, Rebel
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    After resting and rethinking it all, it wasn't really so bad after all, the docs appointment, got things rolling in areas, like I have been wanting to. Its the attitude of the doc that upsets me. But I faced it, didn't back down, said what I thought on it. I have grown in areas, concerning doctors, and taking charge of my health.

    What you wrote, it helped alot. Thank you!

    Thanks for the best wishes on baptism.. Becoming a Christian, its made a big difference.

    I have been thinking also, of getting more involved with the Church I go to. I used to be a camp counselor when a teenager, for Christian camp. Then a pre-school teacher in a Christian Day Care.. for a few years. I feel soemthing specail is going to happen with it all. Maybe using my talents, doing what it is I am meant to do.. I adore children, youth too.

    I would so much love to work, do what it is I am meant to do, sometimes I don't know what it is.. Just thinking out loud I guess.

    Thanks for being freindly, supportive. I appreciate it.

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    We all need support, alot and often, LOL! I am hoping you are spending the day relaxing and getting excited about tomorrow. I tell you what...do you go to the worship bd forum like this one here? I will leave you a message over there as we really need to keep this bd to medical things only, ok? I really do believe that you are going to get some real help from these other referrals. Think of it this way; if she really didn't think you were telling the truth and thought poorly of you she would have just given you the brush off w/out referring you, right? Keep your chin up! love, Rebel
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