going to new doctor later, not sure what to say...

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    i am going to see a new doctor later today. well, actually, he is the first doctor i went to, back when i first got sick.

    the word Fibromyalgia never came up with him.

    he diagnosed me Chronic Persistant Mono, based on bloodwork. said it could go away in a week or it could take months. gave me some pain meds, and steriods, and i was on my way.

    i wasn't sold on this idea, and switched PCP.

    along that road, i was diagnosed w/ FM. was being treated by a NP, and was dropped, because they thought i was not taking meds, and that's why i'm going to new doc.

    i've been having alot of problems with my arms lately. waking up 2-3 x/night with agonizing pain, can't use hands, numbness in arms and hands. and recently found a cyst in my wrist.

    when they asked me why i needed to be seen, i told them i found a cyst in my wrist and it was painful. they got me in the next day.

    i'm not sure how to approach this, beings the negative treatment i've gotten from mentioning FM.

    should i mention FM, or just say the pain has never gone away through the past year, and now is in my arms, and i've found this cyst?

    i desperatly need help, and don't know how to approach the situation.

    any advice from anyone?
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    I kept going to my gp with all kinds of problems and he would look at me like I was a hypochondriac, and he would actually mention several times, I hope you don't have fibromyalgia but that is as far as it would go. Finally I sad down at work and typed him a 3 page letter of every test, procedure, pain, anything that was going on with me that I had been to him in the past 10 years, and asked him if he would send me to a good Rhuemy to rule out fibro. Within 5 minutes they had me set up with a doctor and was diagnosed within a week. The Rhuemy said she had never had anyone come in before me, with all 18 trigger points inflamed. Maybe if you try to write or type out all of your symptoms and maybe take a copy of the letter that use to be on here "to the Normals" and either give it to him when you go, or fax it before you go so he will already have had time to read it. Maybe it will help a little. I really feel for you because I have been down that same road.

    Gentle Hugs
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    Boy thats a toughie!! debating on telling a new DR about your fibro Diagnosis, been there & when i said the words "Fibro" 30 minutes later i got a call saying they couldnt take me & my family, i was looking for a GP.
    you would think a diagnosis from a DR would hold some weight, but Unfortunately i have found it dosent at all!
    Maybe just tell him all your symptoms & see what he comes up with first, i mean what have you got to loose, Most Dr's dont know what to do with us fibro/cfids Patients anyways.
    at the very least, you may get some pain relief! Good luick & hope your feeling better soon.{{HUgs}} Kat
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    thanks so much for your replies.<3

    it's such a shame that i can not feel comfortable mentioning my illness to a Doctor (!), to get help.

    i decided not to mention the FM, but kind of wish i would have now.

    i thought it would be better to not mention it, because of all the reactions i've gotten from other doctors.

    i thought since you could physically *see* the cysts in my wrists, when i explained the problems i'm having w/ my arms and hands, he would be more willing to help me.

    i explained the horrible pain and numbness i''ve been having, and showed him my wrists. he just kinda goes, "hmm, interesting, i'm not sure what's going on, but dip your hands in parafin for 20 mins each morning, and see how that goes." (in a nutshell). this all took about 90 seconds.

    he didnt even want to schedule another appt, or offer any kind of answers, or point me in another direction, or anything!

    i'm getting really depressed about not being able to find help.

    i really don't know what else to do.
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    we were posting at the same time.=)