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    My Primary physician has referred me to a Pain Specialist, and my first appointment is tomorrow.

    What kinds of things do they ask you? What do they do? What should I say, and are there any things I should avoid saying? I feel anxious.

    Last month my physician increased my oxycontin from 10mgs 3x's a day to 20mgs 3x's a day, and we changed the celebrex to Bextra. I am doing much better now, and am satisfied with my current medications and don't want them changed.

    What documents should I take with me--or do they have you fill out a bunch of forms--or ask to run various tests? I have no insurance and no money right now for any tests.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Carol...
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    Madwolf~~I appreciate the information as it gives me a direction as to what to take and data to type up tonite.

    My physician is treating me for degenerative disc disease (not FM/CFS). And he has been treating me with narcotic pain relievers for 20 months and said he just wants me to see the Pain Specialist for backup and validation for his records and to be sure we are on the right track.

    I started going downhill again in April/2002 as the 10mg oxycontin was no longer effective after being on it 17 months. When it got to the point I was missing alot of work, couldn't stand up straight, and was experiencing alot of pain--I talked to my physician about it in December, and that was when he increased the oxy to 20mgs, and I asked him to change the celebrex to Bextra. The Bextra has been much more effective. Besides FM/CFS/IBS, asthma/allergies--I also have osteo/psoriatic/and rheumatoid arthritis. The Bextra has been such a great improvement over the Celebrex that I don't need to take the 20mg oxy 3x's a day now--only twice. However, my physician is basically treating me for the chronic pain of the degenerative disc disease.

    Thanks for your reply. It helped alot. Carol....
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    My husband and I both have to go to a pain specialist and it's a 3 hour drive for us. The other reply gave you a good idea of what to expect as we have had similar experiences. There really is nothing to be nervous about as we have found our pain specialist to be much more sympathetic and caring than your average MD. The reason your doctor is sending you probably has a lot to do with our wonderful Federal Drug Administration. Because of the problems with narcotics turning into street drugs, especially Oxycontin, they really give doctors who prescribe them a bad time. In order to keep things in order, the doctor likes to have a second opinion and that usually is a pain specialist whenever possible. Our pain specialist is the one who now prescribes our pain medication. You should have a very positive experience, but if you don't, tell you regular doctor and have him find you another one. Good Luck, oregoncoyote