going to sleep doc today...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by place, May 18, 2006.

  1. place

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    They said it would take two hours. I don't know if that is for an evaluation of how long I will wait for the doc!

    I am banking on the second one!

    Keep you posted for those interested in sleep issues.
  2. place

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    Sleep doc does not think I have sleeping problem. He says it natural to wake up 5 times a night. Or not getting to sleep until 1;00am.

    I don't think he knows or believes in Fibromyalgia

    I said that between 60-85% of all people dx with fibro, do not get into to stage 4 sleeping. I said and often when they do get the better sleep, their symtoms decrease.

    He wanted to work on my sleep pre before bed time.

    Moreover, this doc was so arougant, when I asked him if there were any signs or things we could tell if I were in stage4, he said a sleep study.

    Has anyone gotten this from a sleep doc!
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    Tried the CPAP machine, because I had stopped breathing an average of once a minute for up to 38 seconds at a time. My husband was the one who made me go in. He would stay awake to see if I would breath again. This could be very serious. I also have fibro.

    Perhaps you should consider the sleep clinic. Maybe someone with more experience will add to this.

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    I had really terrible insomnia for several years before I was able to find something that helped. I tried Ambien, benzodiapines (sp?), melatonin, etc., none of which helped at all. I even went to a sleep specialist who told me I just have to live with it - which was the worst advice I could have gotten. Finally, I asked my doctor about an antidepressant since it had worked for one of my friends. I was a little reluctant to take it but nothing else had worked so I figured I might as well try. It took about 6 weeks to kick in, but then worked WONDERS. I was sleeping through the nights and even during the days. I'm not sure it works for everyone, but it might be worth a try. It turned out the "sleep specialist" didn't know what he was talking about. Unfortunately, I now have the opposite problem but at least I don't have any problems sleeping.
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    I shoud not get worked up over it, just because he specialize in it does not mean he knows what he is doing or is any good at it!

    I just wonder if he thought i was looking for drugs or crazy for that matter.

    I think I am sleeping better anyways and now have some very strong nails that don't flake.

    Thoses who get into stage 4 or taken xyrem notice their nail quality gets better!

    thanks for your help!