going to specialist tomorrowneed prayers

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    Hi everyone: I don't get on any board to often but really enjoy the chit chat board. lots of nice and friendly and compassionate people here and also on all the other boards. just hard for me to keep up with them all. anyway i have ra and have had it for 7 years plus some other health problems which includes and underactive thyroid. 2 weeks ago i went to my family dr. wasn't feeling good and figured it was my thyroid well in a way it was,he did an ultra sound on it and found a nodule about an inch in size on the right lope,so tomorrow i go and see an ear,nose and throat specialist to decide what it is or isn't and see what he thinks should be done. i figure it is probably nothing but there is a chance of cancer with it or maybe just killing the thyroid whatever i just want to know what is going on with it and what to do next. plus my ra inflamtion is up which isn't helping,hands,feet are swelling and joints are achy. sorry to keep going on just needed to vent. please think of me tomorrow and hope everyone on all the boards start feeling a little better. we all know we can't ever be perfect but just being able to get up one day and say hey lets have some fun would be nice or not being afraid to pick up any breakables would be wonderful. take care all and have a good night. Biddy
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    I feel naughty calling you that cause when people in my neck of the woods are made at you, they say "that old biddy" lol

    I will say a special prayer and keep up updated on how things go

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    I know it's easy to worry when we don't know what's going on, but I hope you are able to get a good night's sleep and know that we are praying for you. I am looking forward to a good update from you. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Kim :)
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    I wish you much luck with you appointment! The thyroid gland is nothing to mess with, you have to get it checked, very important.It can make you feel very sick if your thyroid levels are off! I had a goiter once, but it went down with thyroid medication. I am so sorry you RA is hurting you. i know that must be painful. I have Chronic lyme disease and I have arthritis like pain terribly in my hands, well in all of my joints, but my hands hurt the worst right now. Does your inflamation in your hands cause them to get real hot? Mine sure does. The more I move them the hotter my hands get. Do you do this? I hope you appointment goes well for you and you get some help, it sounds like you need to go to the doctor about your RA! Just my opinion and I am a first class worry wart, just ask my kids!


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    let us know what the Dr. says! saying a prayer for you this morning!,,,,,,,,Sis
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    Thank you all for your prayers and great thoughts. I have to stay off of the Synthroid until Oct.29,then go for a test on the mass that is on the thyroid lope. worst case is the next step will be a biopsy to see if it is cancerous or not,so for now,it is another waiting game. He wouldn't come right out and say it was cancerous just that it was small and we had time to check a few other things out first,don't know if that is good or bad but he didn't seem to concerned at this point. My arthritis is still giving me problems so now I need to see about another appointment with my rehumy. Yes where I come from when you called someone biddy it meant an old maid or an old meany. Sorry I'am not either one,well at least not an old maid. Yes my hands swell,turn red when i use them a lot and the knuckles really get hot and red looking. Thx everyone for listening and i will keep all of you in my prayers and thoughts. i'am certainly glad my daughter got me set up on these boards. take care. biddy
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    I live in the same area as Lacey,lol I liked her ol biddy comment,

    I had a goiter when I was 15 had 3/4 removed, it came back when I was 25. Did a radioactive treatment and that was 28 years ago.

    I pray that everything will turn out fine, he said it was small, so even if it was cancer it is early.

    I had a tumor inside of a hemmeroid in 1995, it was caught early and I'm still here.

    Turn the worry around into positive energy, hang in there and it will all turn out as God planned-Carla