going to ssdi judge this week-how answer that first question?

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  1. darlee

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    Hi everyone,

    I am stressing out so much about this weeks court date- I lost last year when I went. I have- FM CFS, had brain surgery and lost balance nerves on left side, plus vision and hearing on the left-I haven't worked in 3 years, thank god my hubby does. I am also depressed- I am on lots of meds. I cried thru the whole 45 minute ordeal- the lawyer and his associates told me the first time that I got assigned sadly to the hardest judge- she is mean and not very sympathetic-anyway -After getting sworn in she says- and what makes you think that you cannot work?- and then I ramble and cry- tell her I am depressed and in pain constantly-ect.I need a good consise opening sentence at least and then I am not going to ramble- I am going to answer briefly-My lawyer says I have a 50/50 chance- he is very meek and quiet- if I lose this time- I will get another one I think. You that have won-how do you personally answer that 1st question withou sounding like an idiot?

    I would sure appreciate any advice, darlee
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    I too want to know the answer. What's the best opening line anyone has got....I want to be prepared for mine too.

    But it sounds to me like you need a better lawyer if he sits there and doesn't say anything and tells you that you have a 50/50 chance. Well no wonder! You should have a much better chance than that if you're already at the hearing stage and the depression should at least get you temporary disability alone.

    Good luck, let us know how it went.

  3. Godslove

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    I would appreciate this information also.
    Blessings, Wanda
  4. Mikie

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    That I can no longer depend on my body and I can no longer depend on my brain. There are times when I must be in bed for days on end. I wonder whether the judge would hire someone knowing this.

    Love, Mikie
  5. darlee

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    skeexix and mikie-I wrote down both your answers and will combine them in my opening statement-I do know that I am getting the same judge-the paper said so-My primary dr. said after I lost the 1st time-who said you could work-I was crying and told him the judge said so-so I have 2 good dr. reports in favor of disability, plus their ss's dr. said I was dizzy, depressed and couldn't work in a loud, crowded enviroment or anywhere near machinery- but the 1st denial was based on the fact that ss believes I can work at a table setting at small manual labor or a parking ticket booth-I could not do it!- even after typing more than usual-I get cramped hands and drop stuff- oh well -keep the suggestions coming-I need them and will use them.

    sincerely, darlee
  6. tandy

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    As for the question of"what makes you think you can't work?"
    say "well sir,I have a hard enough time getting thru the days at home...let alone at work".......
    And/or, "I would surely need a very understanding boss-because there are 3-4 days a week that I cannot even function,mentally and physically"
    Good luck to you!!
    I won my case before the judge~
    I was turned down once. I got a legal aid attorney(provided free)And I told it like it is!!
    I have a few conditions along with FM.
    Also,I'm sure you've heard this before.....I can't stress it enough, Dress for court like you dress at home.Very comfy clothes~low shoes/sneakers.Little to no make-up.
    You can win this!! just be yourself. And if medications are brought up,make sure you tell the bad side effects of them,and how tired you already feel even before taking them,and how drowsey you feel on them.(pain meds/antidep.)
    Let us all know how you make out~crossing my fingers~
    Warm regards,

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  7. dan0248

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    You say she is mean and not very sympathetic, and found this out just after getting sworn in. Asking you what makes you think that you cannot work?-

    My reply to her would be as follows; Ma'm you are mistaken because I really want to work, I really what to be self supporting. I want to be the employee of the year so many times that they just give it to me. I would then tell her that I don't want her sympathy, I want her help and understanding. I want to find a way to get around this DD, I want to be something, because the good Lord didn't put me on this planet to just sit around and bitch. I want your help, so I can give it back and share it with others out there. To show them that there is life during and after this DD, we just need to look. I'd also tell her that you feel deep down in your heart that when one door closes, that another one opens, and what you want and need is your help to get thru that door.