Going to the Rheumatologist for the first time?

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    I am going to A Rheumatologist referred by my GP to see if what is going on with me is really Fibro, because I am getting worse and my pain he say`s is more then others he has treated for Fibro. Been tested for Lupus and Hypothyroid. So my DR thinks Fibro, but wants to be sure. What can I expect from the Rheumy when I go? Also what more do they do when it comes to Fibro? I am already on all kinds of meds. Thanks all, I am a little nervous and need the advice. .
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    I've seen 2 rheumys in my longlife, 76 this year....one woman is a mainstream conventional MD and the one I currently see is integrative and NOT into the conventional drugs.....I prefer the one I see now as I'm not a lover of drugs......she works with acupuncture, prolotherapy and mesotherapy (homeopathic) treatments....I'm headed to do Prolo on my knee next month.....

    Good to see what your rheumy tells you but I've found working with all the supps and non conventional drugs keep me going. HypoT is major and has that been ruled out. HypoT was ruled out for me for 10 long miserable years and it HypoT all along when I finally got on Armour by my D.O. back in 2002...no labs, nadda, he knew all the symptoms of a sluggish thyroid.... Relax and get more info.

    As far as MD's are concerned I only see integrative MD's and we have a LOT of them in my area. They are holistic thinking and not grabbing a script pad to write a drug script.

    The difference between the 2 rheumys I've seen is: The first woman who is much older called FM, fibroitis and the rheumy I now see, who is much younger calls FM, fibromyalgia.....So here again depending on their age and schooling one could get different opinions. FM was called fibroitis before the fibromyalgia name which is about 15 yrs or so. When I was struggling with HypoT from 1991, I actually did see an endo, which I don't like, touched around my throat and said your thyroid is OK, but you have FM......I never believed that......I believe I deal with the FM pain but I also deal with OA and mess from injuries...... It can all be so complex for many.
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    One of the most successful Dr's I ever went to was a rheumatologist. He specialized in Fibro and CF and retired to write a book on the subject. He was great. I hope you have good luck with yours. I think i am going to try one again. I've been going to pain clinics with no luck getting even a bit of help. They just want to send me to a psychiatrist. Ugh!!
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    Thank you all for your answers, you support is appreciated. I have not gone yet as they are backed up on schedules, but am hoping for an appt soon.