going to try dale guyers's sleep trytopahn 5 htp seratonin

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    i'm having compunded guyers stuff to help with sleep after reading klutzo 's comments i wonder with my gut severe problmes if i can even take it, in his interview with imm. support he said he uses (i also take 200 mg neurontin l mg. klonopin and 2 little drops of doxepin which i hope to nix) and l2.5 mg. of euroepan antidepressant per cheney tianeptine which does not go thru the 450 cytocrome system and not fry brain like ssri's although it does i guess work on serontonin not sure, illl have to ask the shrink who monitors it get if off net ias smart drugs

    anyway guyer i talked to his med. assist agmand in indiapolis, the compounded at bedtime is 300 mg (or you can go to 50o mg) i'will be tyrign 300 mg tryopan, l25 5 htp and 2.5 mg. melatonin

    HEY is 125 mg. 5 htp a lot< hello klutzo with my luck i'll get he burning stomach well i already have inflammed burning stomach and can hardly eat if i do i'll just stick tot the 2 little drops of doxepin which make s that sandpaper dry thirst part of my to p symptom worse i've never heard of anyone with that stupid symptom just the way CFIDS hit me i guess the allergies allways were bad

    but my gut problems have me worrried my body mass index is so low cheney wanted to put me in hospital last itme i got this low wght I said NO they don't know anything about cfids here in KY and not much about it in nashville 2 hrs. away

    thanks PM