going to try grapeseed or pycgenol for allergies

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    hi all
    Jam, I saw the post someone else had going about how the grapeseed was helping them including with allergies. and you say it helps your nasal allergies so much. my allergies have been really bad lately as i am visiting my family, and i am definately allergic to something in their house. so i might as well try the grapeseed or pycgnol (sp?) and see if it helps. i am already on rx singulair which helps a bunch but not enough. (i ran out for a few days and the allergies got even worse!!!) soooo, i will let you all know what happens. and yes i will take enough of a dose. i figure that for me this will be a really good test to see if it helps my nasal allergies. hope it works.

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    i took 1 100mg capsule of pycnogenol. i want to start out slow in case of any side effects. the bottle says take 1 or 2 a day. i will start taking 2 tomorrow, if no bad effects. i would be thrilled if it gets rid of my allergies or even if it greatly reduces them. i am sick of sniffling and snotting constantly!

    the bottle of 30 pills was about $40. (i bought a top quality brand- solgar). now if i have to take 2 a day, that is $80 a month. eeks!

    allergies suck!

    i had tried grapeseed (which is more affordable) in the past and it did not do anything for me, but i have not tried the Pycnogenol before.
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    well, i have to say --- my allergies, and stuffy, snotty nose are greatly reduced since i started taking it. i can't believe it! i want to see if it is from the pycegenol (sp?) or just a fluke. so i will try to test it out at some point by stopping the Py. or by keep taking it to see if the allergies stay away. so the jury is still out, but it is possible that this supplement has caused the improvement. the improvement is VERY definite, huge really. no side effects. i "hope" it is from the Py. The grapeseed didnt do anything for me, but this stuff MIGHT be very helpful. i will let you all know.

    maybe for others with allergies it is worth trying out. (?)