going to work with polymyalgia

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  1. angellady

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    Are there any teachers out there who are suffering from polymyalgia? If there are I would like to ask you how you coped with this disease when you were working. How did you feel? Did you have to rest at times? etc.
    I will be going back to school lnext week and I feel a little unsure of how I will go?
  2. CarolK

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    Having had PMR and working at home I found that it is best to TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME... LIVE IN THE MOMENT!

    Don't try to load up your schedule... engage others to help you! Tell others that you need to take life a little slower and rest when necessary.

    If you are going to be of any use to your students... you need to take care of you! Don't try to be "super-teacher"!!

    Take this time to be more one-on-one with your students... cut projects to a minimum and know that there are always others who are eager to help.

    Take this time to establish a new outlook on life to enjoy the small steps, the little things... and above all not to take everything so seriously!

    Enjoy doing what you can do each day and tell yourself... "I DID THE BEST I COULD FOR WHERE I AM AT TODAY!!" Then know in your heart that this season will pass and that there is always more to look forward to tomorrow!

    Who knows Angel but that this kind of slowing down might just impact one special student....one life that you imprint with something very special... all because you slowed down and took the time!

    Hope this helps... CarolK (a former PMR patient)