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  1. deepak

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    I have gone vegan since a month and having foods cooked in MINIMAL oil.

    I have lost 6 kilos - and I am eating well - just making sure its minimal oil and vegan !!

    For a long time since I started getting all the FM kind pains I was not able to shed even a tiny bit but now its going down !!

    I had gone to a nutritionist here who told me to watch Dr John Mcdougals video on MS ( you can google it ) - he also advocates vegan and low fat diet for auto immune and MS kind symptoms.

    I am also doing LDN, magnesium, and taking a anti parasite tincture from Jernigan pharmaceuticals.

  2. MsBrandywine

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    I haven't really gone vegan but vegetarian.. and which I use very little meat if any at all.. I did have to make sure to take a good B Complex tho because of not having the protein..
    Glad it helps You tho...
    Usually I feel better but the past few days.. I have picked up a cold or allergies or something.. feel a bit crappy with that and my vision at the time but.. maybe that could be coming from the allergies too.. plus needing my glasses changed and right now fitted back to me..
    So the parasite tincture works?
    I did get a fecal test done and she said I didn't have any..
    Also.. what is LDN?[This Message was Edited on 11/07/2012]
  3. deepak

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    Well I am not sure which is working as I am doing so many things. I think it did work as I did herx a bit on it.

    LDN is low dose naltrexone - if you google LDN and fibromyalgia you will come up with many links. It is supposed to be a no risk medicine which greatly reduces the pain and fatigue in many who are suffering.

    My nutritional doctor does not believe in the high protein theory at all - she says we get enough proteins through veggies and fruits - enough for human needs. But she does say vegans may have to supplement with B12. That is the only vitamin that they may have a problem with. Google Dr John Mcdougal and MS. He also debunks the paleo and high protein diet craze.

    With love,
  4. mbofov

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    I'm really happy you are being helped by the vegan diet and ldn and magnesium, etc.! I know you have done a lot of research and tried many different things. It's always good to hear what is helping someone.

    What benefits are you having? e.g., less pain or more energy, etc.?

    Best wishes,

  5. deepak

    deepak Member

    How have you been? :)

    I feel MUCH more energy now. I have lost 7 kilos in a month since going strictly vegan - I had put on 20 kilos since my saga started 2 years back nearly. I was not able to lose 1 kilo even though I was eating much lesser due to the bloating.

    I take Liv 52 from Himalaya for liver support . It is ayurvedic and safe to take - I am not sure if that helped my bloating or the vegan diet but now - no more bloating ! :).

    Pain wise too I feel 70 % better. I am not normal yet but I am doing better surely than I was doing last year.

    I would advise ALL to try a vegan diet for 2 months and see how they feel.

    I am planning to start Dr Klinghardts anti-parasite protocol which is there on the web. I am not sure if I have parasites but since some symptoms were there - am giving it a shot.

    Oh, I also took a few chiropractor sittings, which did help a lot too.

    I also got DMSO from Jacob labs and Magnesium oil. Sometimes I spray the mg oil and then put DMSO on top. DMSO carries everything inside the body. So that has also been effective for pain.

    If I were in USA I would try Mikies peptide injections for sure !!

    With love,
  6. MicheleK

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    Hi Deepak,

    I am happy to hear you are feeling improved, and it is always nice to be able to lose some unwanted weight.

    I am not much of a meat eater. I do have some, but could live without it.

    I started losing weight just by adding protien drinks to my diet. I guess I wasn't getting nearly enough protien and my body was hanging on to the unwanted weight as if it's life depended on it. Just making sure I get 50-60grams of protein a day, I lost 20lbs. And I lost it without any additional physical movement as I have ME, CFS along with FM and relapse from physical things.

    How long have you been on the LDN now? I have had some noticable improvements from it and was able to cut down on a couple medications after the third month. I had a few great months and then I crashed. I am in the crash now. Can't wait for it to pass.

    Really hope the improvements continue for you and am happy for you.

    Hugs, MicheleK
  7. mbofov

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    I've been up and down. Was sick for several weeks, and then had a bad experience with taurine (in magnesium taurate) which sidelined me for a week or 2. It dropped my BP quite a bit (too much - 97 or 100/over something) and also made me tired but I didn't know what the problem was at first. Turns out taurine is a diuretic. Anyways, I've been trying to get back to a detox protocol I was following (with Quantum RX products) but couldn't do it when I was sick or when my BP was so low. So finally am getting back to "normal" :)) and hope to resume the detox next week. I still crash, although get over them quicker than I used to, so something is working better. Since detoxing is still a huge issue for me, that's what I'm focusing on.

    I am so glad all those things are helping you! I did try ldn once and it just made me so spacey I could not function, and I was on a very low dose. But I've read of it helping lots of people, so it's great it's helping you.

    The vegan diet sounds interesting. I did watch that video about the diet for MS, it seemed compelling. I just seem to need a lot of protein, but you never know. I'm going to consider this. I don't eat a lot of meat, but do have protein with each meal.

    It's great you're losing weight on it too! The liver support sounds very good. Several years ago I did a major liver detox - I had chemicals in my liver from a job I'd had (chemical solvents) and my liver and hence my digestion worked much better afterwards. So it is very important to keep the liver working well.

    I don't have pain like so many people here, although I do have a sort of bad knee, which I put magnesium oil on and it helps. But using DMSO as well sounds like a very good idea and think I will give that a try.

    Good luck with the anti-parasite protocol, and everything. It really is nice to hear such good news from you!

    Best wishes,

  8. herbqueen

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    I've been on vegan diet about 18 months. Helped unlock my frozen shoulders and recover from the autoimmune MS type attack that my first pharmecuticals -flagyl/diflcuan provoked. I'm not doing a modified gerson protocol. I fall in the fibro/chronic progressive MS type neuro lyme /unknown neuro category. Treatments first herbal and then my first experiment with pharmecuticals made me SO sick advancing the disease. I'm chemically sensitive. I've been ill for 14 years.

    Dr. Fry- researcher and Dr. treating lyme/bartonella is now recommending a low fat vegan diet. He claims the fat and protein feeds the biofilm shielding these virus and bacteria illnesses from the immune system. Dr. Swank and mcdougall also have seen improvement in MS on this type of diet. Dr. Swank followed MS patients for over 50 years. I seem to benefit from juicing and raw. After developing ovarian cysts that did not resolve on this diet I decided to embark on a modiifed gerson protocol. That protocol recommends coffee enemas for detoxifying the liver and the body.

    After 4 weeks of 2 coffee enemas /day- I passed what were clearly long worm/parasites -white and looked like white cotton twine. It was amazing. After passing those, I was able to hold the enemas for the full 15 min.

    I recommend to everyone with chronic illnesses to do the coffee enemas. I've taken loads of herbs and garlic with antiparasite and nothing came close to the coffee enemas. I was resistant. Now I am a believer. I am continuing on this path for now. My liver was tested to and showed phase i/ii detox pathway problems. The coffee enemas boost glutathione and help phase i/ii.

    The coffee enemas also are a huge pain reliever. Get the book by Dr. Max Gerson -50 cases of cancer at the gerson institute or on amazon and READ the book. He treated other chronic illness as well.
  9. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    I am very caffeine sensitive. Most people have no issue with the coffee enemas, but being the highly sensitive person I am I did/do. I cut the coffee dose in 1/2 to 1.5 TBSP per quart of purified water. I also started 1/day then went to 2/day and now to the recommended 3/day for the modified/non malignant gerson protocol with the recommended fresh juices and salt free, fat free veggie/fruit diet. It does allow oatmeal with fresh fruit for bkfst. And flax oil 1-2 Tbsp. Re commendation is at least 3- 8oz fresh juices per enema to ensure electrolytes are sufficient.

    The coffee enemas seem scary at first. But no issues. Not a big deal. Now relaxing to me. There is a good youtube on how to make the coffee/set up the enema by the wellness warrior Jess Ainscough? spelling? on youtube.

    Good luck. Healing is certainly a journey /adventure :).
  10. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    I also forgot to add. Dr. Max Gerson used the coffee enema as pain reliever as well for his cancer patients in extreme pain. When cancer patients were in extreme pain they increased the frequency of the enemas. I have found that my ovarian cyst pain went away when I started the therapy.
  11. deepak

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    Interesting note on your weight loss on protein, though the nutritional doc I went to is not too big on high protein diets. She says protein is meant for growth and too much of it is not good for cells - re cancer ! Never had that before this though.

    I have been on LDN for nearly 5 - 6 months now I think - gosh I have forgotten - will have to look at old logs. I think we both started at nearly the same time. Initially, it worked very well and I was amazed - then it seemed to wear off and then again it seems to be working. It is most noticeable that it is working when i do NOT take it - I just feel different when I dont. I feel more energy, upbeat mood, less pain, lesser of the nerve pins and needles and pain when I am on the LDN. I started with 3 mg and now I take 4.5 - 5 mg.

    Thanks for your good wishes and I wish the same for you,

    Hugs back,
    Deepak :)
  12. MicheleK

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    A higher protien diet has been shown to be beneficial to those with ME/CFS.

    Very interesting about the coffee enemas.

    Deepak, your LDN experience is interesting. Obviously LDN is not what your body needs.

    We are all so different. It sure would be easier if we fit into a one size fits all. Hugs, Michele
  13. deepak

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    Why did you say LDN is not what my body needs ?

    Did not understand ?

    Deepak :)
  14. deepak

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    Interesting about taurine being a diuretic - I did not knot that - I know it is good to keep heart rate low and heart rhythm good.

    the LDN did make me feel spacey too initially but now I have gotten over that and I think sometimes it makes me feel more energetic.

    I am going to start DE, which you recommended a long time back - and artemisinin- as a herbal anti parasite thingie - if it does not work well I will try RX for parasites.

    One thing I forgot to mention is Lauricidin - I take 3 scoops of it everyday and I think it helps for sure in infections.

    I had got a positive EBV test and Lauricidin is supp to be very good for that.

    If you order DMSO try and get it from Jacobs labs. I did some study on DMSO before ordering it.

    Wish you good luck.

    With love,