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  1. DemiMorgue

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    i just returned from a few days away ~ and searched for my "run away" thread... which you posted to....

    you wrote about the isle of skye.... are you in scotland?? if so, i have to tell you i am PEA GREEN with envy!!

    i took my daughter there last year for her high school graduation ~ never having been abroad before we took one of those package tours ~ which wasn't bad... i saw more than i would have on my own... but at the same time, never again! WAY too much time on a bus....

    i would love to go back to inverness.... if i ever do decide to chuck everything here and run away ~ maybe it will be to scotland..... it was just so incredibly beautiful there.
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    Hi Demi ,,, sam here, im slowleys friend, also a cfs sufferer hehehhe sorry for answering this but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont get her on the topic of the isle of skye lol. she will not stop talking for hours , now im for it though .so ill quietly slip away and hide lol xxxxxxxxx sam poofffffffffffffff gone