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    I love to watch old reruns of the Golden Girls and I happened to see a rerun this morning that I have never seen before....and im curious if anyone else has seen it....I wished, I would have thought to tape it.

    It was a 2 part show and I was shocked and happy to see this perticular episode was about CFS. It really shocked me, I guess because we all know we don't get or see much exposure about FMS/CFS, especially on TV!

    But this episode started out with Dorthy becoming ill and not knowing what was wrong, she goes to many doctor's to find out what is wrong with her, only for the doctor's to tell her they don't know and even one telling her it's just old age. The show was so good and really explained CFS and what we go through especially when first becoming ill.

    Close to the end of the show Dorthy finally finds a doctor who explains what is really wrong with her and on the show he went into great detail about CFS... Also at the end Dorthy really tells the doctor off that had told her it was just old age....

    It was really something and made me really feel good in seeing someone actually making there show about CFS.

    I wished everyone could see this episode of the Golden Girls , especially those who don't understand or brush us off as being crazy etc...

    Anyway, just thought I would share that with you all and im curious if anyone else has seen this.


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    Thanks...I was hoping somone else had seen it too....As long as the show has been on it's funny how I had never seen those 2 episode's before and I had no idea the writer for the first 4 episodes of the show has CFS...

    Your right, Dorothy did get better really quick...would be nice if we all could get better that quick!!

    I hope your having a low-pain, less-fatgue day...

    Please look over any of my miss spelling today...I seem to be in a real fog today.....I hate when im not able to even remember how to spell the simple words.

    ((( Hugs)))

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    But they never talked about it after that episode and it seemed like she just got better. I thought if people see this they will just think we can get better like that too.

    And it was kind of far fetched that they went out to a fancy restaurant to "celebrate" that she found a diagnosis. Just the thought of getting dressed and going to a restaurant tires me out.

    Although it did hit home when she told that doctor off.

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    Sue in Ontario

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    I agree, it was kind of far fetched that they went out to a fancy restaurant to "celebrate" that she found a diagnosis....

    I'm the same the time I get ready to go out...I'm worn out by just getting ready...

    I guess the only part I can see with the "Celebration" of a diagnosis is.....I know when I didn't know what was wrong with me and after seeing so MANY doctor's and knowing that there was something truly wrong with me...I was really relieved to finally have/find a doctor that Knew and told me what it was....

    I was so tired of not knowing and so tired of hearing doctors tell me they dont know or they think it's in my head etc...When I knew there was something even though I didn't want anything to be wrong with me....I was finally glad to at least know what was wrong...ya know??

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    Saw this episode years ago. I love the Golden Girls. It is one of my most favorite shows.