goldenseal...good for bacteria..and virus

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    i am taking this....

    Goldenseal is immensely popular as an immune booster and antibiotic that is taken at the onset of a cold to help prevent further symptoms. Often called Echinacea's partner,

    Goldenseal, is said to help stimulate the body's resistance to infection and is another "must have" herb for your home.

    Goldenseal root has a reputation for being a natural antibiotic. Used at the first sign of a cold, flu or sore throat, it may stop further symptoms from developing.

    The berberine content in Goldenseal possesses strong antibiotic and antiseptic activity against a wide variety of bacteria, including staph and fungi, combating vaginal inflammations, sore throat and bladder and intestinal infections.

    As an antibacterial, Goldenseal is thought to further fight skin infections, including boils, and skin ulcers (when used topically and internally) and is also an antiseptic mouthwash (fighting sore throat). In treating periodontal disease, Goldenseal destroys the bacteria that cause the disease and relieves inflamed gums.

    Goldenseal is an immensely popular herb that has long been used as an immune enhancer and a body cleanser that promotes healthy glandular functions.

    In laboratory studies, the berberine in Goldenseal was thought to increase blood flow to the spleen and stimulate the activity of macrophages, blood cells that are an important part of the immune system. The berberine may also increase the secretion of bile. In regulating healthy glands, the herb is said to be of overall benefit to the liver, pancreas, spleen, thyroid and lymphatic system.

    Because Goldenseal is thought to increase the flow of digestive enzymes and is considered an effective herb for improving overall digestion and easing disorders of the digestive tract, including heartburn (particularly when it is associated with emotional tension), inflamed peptic ulcers, constipation and indigestion. Several early Native American tribes also used Goldenseal extensively for treating digestive problems.

    Goldenseal, sometimes called "King of the Mucous Membranes" is thought to have a soothing effect on inflamed mucous membranes and, as such, has been thought to help the respiratory system (by easing congestion), chronic inflammation of the colon, rectum and hemorrhoids.

    In laboratory experiments the alkaloids, hydrastine and berberine, in Goldenseal are said to lower blood pressure. It is highly recommended that one should always consult a physician before using Goldenseal for this application.

    Goldenseal is sometimes used in the treatment of "female problems" and helps to regulate the menses. The herb has been used to arrest bleeding from the uterus and profuse menstruation, and it is also believed to cause uterine contractions.

    The berberine content in Goldenseal is thought to be effective in treating diarrhea due to toxic pathogens such as cholera.

    Recommended Dosage:
    Take two (2) capsules, two (2) times each day with water at mealtimes.
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    thank you for this information. I had always heard that goldenseal can work as well as an antibiotic, and used by Native Americans but didn't know all the details of what it can do.
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    well i guess, i wont be taking this anymore. i do take garlic daily, i crush 1 clove and swallow. i buy the organic ones.

    how many time a day do you take them thou