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    I have been taking ambien 10 mgs nightly for the past year now and while it has helped me in the first 4 months I find its losing its effectiveness and I wake up anxious at around 3-4a.m. in the morning. I also take xanax occasionally .05 during the day when I have muscular pain and anxiety. I am trying to cut down the amount I am taking of the xanax as I do not want to become adddicted.
    I also would like to perhaps cut down on the ambien but I am afraid that I will not sleep at all. Can anyone help me or suggest how this could be done.

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    I see you already got some good advice here. I have been switching my sleep meds every few months as they seem to stop working - the Dr never recommended a break from them. Why do you want to cut down on your pills? If you use your Xanax only when you need it, even if that is every day, you will not get addicted. Addicts take the drug when they don't need it. However, I feel hypocritical here, as I too try to go off my meds every few months (denial for me), but always find that I function much better with them. I guess it's another individual thing.
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    Hi Sue:
    I can only speak from experience and hope it will be something that will help you too. I use natural herbal sleep meds which work very well. I use a product called Dr's Restaid and contains valerian, hops, and passion flower. The combination seems to work best for me. Herbs take alot longer to work than prescription meds. This took a few days for me. But it was worth it. I fall asleep one hour after taking 2 capsules and I wake up the next day wide awake - no drug hangover like you get with prescription meds. I can't take ambien, elavil, and other rx meds. Makes me too groggy to do anything the next day. I hope this helps you. It's worth a try.