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    Does anyone know of any physicians who follow some/all of Jay Goldstein's treatment protocol? I'm a former patient of his and am looking for someone familiar with his work.

    Thanks-- Pat Smith
  2. Thruline

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    I met a number of people back then. It was an intense waiting room at times. Really puts one in touch with the stakes and the suffering--and the successes. I know that physicians trained with him. There's probably at least a few in Southern California who are implementing some of his techniques.

    I see that this topic surfaces periodically on this board. Dr. Goldstein presents himself in his book 'Tuning the Brain' as pretty much a lone voice in neurosomatic medicine. The book is a difficult read but I recommend it along with 'Betrayal of the Brain' and the companion book by Katie Courmel. You will need a medical dictionary, patience and a focused intent (i.e. today I want to know more about NMDA). I'm just scratching the surface and have several avenues to pursue as a result. FWIW.
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    Hi Nofool - Did you used to belong to the group?


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