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    I have M.e and I feel I have went down hill in the last two years I am having a lot of facial pain and headaches along with the usual all over body pain I thought a lot of people seemed to improve a bit in two years I just wonder if I have Fibromyalgia also as I have never been to see a
    Rheumatologist.I will list below my symptoms

    facial pain
    pain all over my body
    fast heart rate
    blurred vision
    brain fog
    panic attacks
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    It sounds like it is a very good possibility that you do have FMS. Have you talked with your doctor. I have both and they are hard to distingush. I guess the difference I have is the level of pain with FMS is tremendoulsy greater than ME. Good luck. You do need to speak with your MD

  3. clerty

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    Many thanks for all the replies can I ask another question
    I have been confused with regarding Cortisol levels
    one health care professional told me It was low and another told me it was high so not sure.
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    There's a high probability, Clerty. Unfortunately. You listed all the symptoms I have, and they are all very common amongst the Fibro community.

    I would get a work up by either a Rheumatologist (you will only get so far with them, but I suppose its a good place to start, and get your diagnosis), or a Pain Management doctor (I've had a much better experience with a doctor actually being open to trying new treatments and willing to MANAGE my pain, while Rheummy's won't).

    Sorry to have to welcome you to the club :) But at least you'll find lots of info here on various ideas to try to improve your symptoms.
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    I agree with others that you have symptoms that are common with FIbro. I have experienced everyone you have mentioned at one time or another. You should get diagnoised to be sure. There are other problems that can mimic Fibro symptoms. Good Luck.
  6. Catseye

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    If your cortisol is off, your adrenal glands may be fatigued. You can make sure you get the nutrients they need by supplementing with the following:

    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B6
    Pantothenic acid (B5)
    Betaine aka TMG or trimethylglycine
    licorice - if you don't have high blood pressure

    These nutrients support the adrenals. They won't necessarily cause you to produce more or less cortisol, they will just make sure the adrenal glands have what they need to function well. If you can, have them do the saliva test for cortisol, it's more reliable.

    happy xmas!