Gonna try something new and let me know if anyone else has tried

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    this and how it went. I have so many bad days and get absolutely nothing accomplished at home. I look around at all that needs to be done and I feel overwhelmed. My home is not filthy by any stretch of the imagination but everything needs a good dusting, windows need washing inside and out, need to round up all the dust bunnies and send them packing, I get behind on laundry, but bless John, he will see he is getting low on work jeans and he will just go start laundry and never say a word. I am thinking of trying to set up a schedule and do a few things on each given day of the week. That way I won't be trying to tackle cleaning the house from top to bottom on a day when I am feeling good and then the next day be on the couch all day. If anyone else has had any luck with this let me know.
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    look up Flyladies on Yahoo or Google......it helps me spend VERY little time on the house, yet the house STAYS clean all the time. Be careful, though, I'm kinda addicted to it!!! It helps me get up and get motivated to at least clean my kitchen sink daily and to put on my shoes daily. That's an accomplishment when we feel this bad!!
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    I too like the "Flylady". My children hate her. Her system works if you take it with a grain of salt and choose what you need. What I like is that you are never behind! The daily reminders (about 10-15) are annoying at first, but accomplish their intent of reminding you to do stuff. I can just delete most of them without reading them as they are a daily occurence, but even the act of deleting reminds me to get off my duff and do maybe one small thing like "clean my sink". If you log on to her web page, the sink reference makes sense.

    My children hate her because I have become anal about keeping the sink clean and they have to ALWAYS load their dishes in the diswashers as they finish up anything (snacks included). Their friends are getting the picture and lovingly call me OCD as they too load their dishes and wipe off the sink. Whatever works AND it does spread to more of the house. My youngest threatens to get a 'flyswatter' for the 'Flylady', but still loads her dishes. Nothing is allowed to be left in the sink! It's amazing what that one little thing can do.

    Happily neurotic about my sink,


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    is bothering me today also. I feel bad that it's not better. I felt good enough yesterday to go out in this freezing weather and get some much needed things done. Today --I'm wiped out. And that sink-well,I guess I'm going to go see the Flylady. I think your idea is a good one. Let us know how you do. I think I will start to pace myself too. There is one thing I already fiqured out for our household. I go slow on Thurs.,laundry and straighten up on Friday.Everyone is home all weekend-girl scouts,etc.,so Monday I plan on going slow again because I will be tired.God Bless
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    I work full-time so the only real time I have to clean is on the weekends. But some days I don't feel like it.. The day that I feel good it never seems to fail I overdo it and pay the price.

    It's a never ending battle.... We can only do our best and for all of us who have understanding and supportive spouses their are a blessing...

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    Hi Karen:

    I work full-time so cleaning is hard to do. I tried doing one room an evening, but even that became too much. So I finally decided I need help! I just hired our 14 year old neighbor girl to start cleaning our house every 2 weeks. This Saturday will be the first go. We are starting on a trial basis to see how it goes. She is a very anal and neat girl. My actual worry is that she will be too anal and slow. We have a small ranch home and when I was well I could clean it decently in 3 hours. So we have agreed upon that time limit. The only kicker is she said she would feel uncomfortable if we are around. So my husband and I decided this would be good alone time for us--go to a movie or just out for lunch or something. I do know I was tired of using my few "good hours" during the weekend on cleaning. My husband does help w/laundry, cooking and errands. My hope is this will relieve my stress and also help out my neighbor girl. By the way, we are very close with her entire family--no stranger in my house or anything. Well, that is my approach to cleaning right now. I will let you know how it works out for us.


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    I love the flylady too. My problem is I can't seem to split my house up into ONLY 5 zones. It is too big. I LOVED her book and laughed out loud several times while reading it. I highly recommend "flying". LOL
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    It's a terrific system. I don't follow it religiously, because I simply can't, then I feel overwhelmed. But, she is all about not being a perfectionist. So, here's what I do. I check everyday and see what the assignment is and if I can, I do it. That way, I don't just hate myself for not doing anything. If I can't do it, I just don't and pitch in when I can. Her motto is that she doesn't want you to catch up, just start where you are. When I feel like I can, I do something that I know I need to do (like the laundry, etc) just to try to keep up a little. You can sign up for e-mail reminders that come everyday. Wishing you well. Give her a try, and just do what you can.
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    Hmmm.....this 'flylady' sounds like fun! I'm always telling myself I should do one thing a day, and then go back to bed from exhaustion! Really gotta pace myself...if I take a shower, I MUST recover from the exercise!

    I just got up after lying on my bed for 1/2 hour massaging my PAINFUL back, shoulder, neck, hip, stomache & chest muscle's, while watching a beautiful sunset over the hills...gotta take care of ME. On Feb. 28 it will be 3 years since I was rear-ended, and due to CMP, am still injured!

    My house is dirty/dusty...new home construction... moved in
    Nov. Still have not unpacked. Prior to my accident I was a clean freak. My schedule is to rest (or sleep all day) on Friday and Monday if possible, so I can somewhat keep up w/ the 'normal's' on the weekend and then recover. Other than that I wash clothes Thursday and linens Friday.

    If company's coming, I check the toilets - make sure they are clean!;-)

    We always put everything in it's place, which really helps A LOT. Wipe down sinks, never leave dirty dishes out, etc.

    I'm on SSD, and cannot go grocery shopping alone, so my husband takes me at night. No crowds, so we can go and it's not so overwhelming. He vacumns, but he just installed wood laminate throughout the downstairs, so I can Swiffer. The worst part is dirty bathrooms and dust! I keep saying I'm going to call a cleaning lady once/twice a month. Never do! We don't have children (lost my first pregnancy, 6 weeks after the accident) and never will now. I'm too old and too sick...but if I did (i was in child care for years, helped raise family member's children) I'd do what my working, divorced mom did...the 'to do' list with colored stars (actually it was my idea, and I made the chart, which hung on the frige for my sister's and I! LOL!)We'd compete to do the best job, so our column would be filled w/ Gold Stars...it's like a game to kids.

    Well, no one's coming by from 'House Beautiful'and they certainly don't write on your tombstone "she was ill, and therefore a lousy housekeeper" LOL!

    If only I had one of those robot maids...like on 'The Jetsons'..................;-)
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    We have a small house and the clutter gets me the most---we have 4 kids at home and not enough room for everyone's stuff. It drives me NUTS. I feel guilty for not being able to keep up with the little messes. The kids see me lying down so they think it's their "down time, too. It gets to the point of total chaos and then it's ranting and raving to get all of the family to get it all cleaned up. It was pretty bad lately when my 3 year old noticed me getting all worked up about getting the house clean and she asked if we were having visitors!!! I struggle with this every day and used to take such pride in a clean and shiny home. now, just tough enought to keep up with laundry, dishes, and meals and try to clean up baths and bedrooms and vaacum when there's small spurts of energy...I think from adrenaline (anger driven). Can't afford a housekeeper, but I have learned that reading and playing cards with kids is quite important and they would rather have that then have me fighting with dust bunnies under their beds. Priorities are hard learned.
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    I have been lazy lately, BUT when I did clean on a regular basis in order to keep from overdoing it I had the "1 CD Rule"- which means I would clean for as long as it took 1 CD to play my music. Worked for me- now I just need to motivate myself to do it again before the dust bunnies smother us all!