Good and Bad Experiences w/ Oxycontin?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joc_07, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. joc_07

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    I would like to know your experiences with Oxycontin, may they be good or bad. I am trying to find a painkiller that will work. If I have enough info I can take it to my Dr. and plead my case.

    Please, personal experiences only.
    Thank you very much.
  2. PepperGirl52

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    Only problem I had with it, was the cost!! It was costing me, with insurance, over $300/month. And I did build up a tolerance, and once I did, my rheumy switched me to a lower-priced med that works just as well-Methadone. Good luck!

    I hope you get what you need for pain relief! PG
  3. CAAnnieB

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    Well, I'm assuming you are looking for positive info to take to your Dr...But you DID ask for good AND bad experiences!

    I took Oxycontin for my severe Fibro pain for about 9 months. I believe that I started on 10 mg. twice a day. I was upped to 20 mg 2-3 times a day. The med "took the edge off" my pain. At the time; I thought any relief was better than none. I didn't realize it when I was taking Oxycontin, but it really did a number on my stomach.(I have chronic was way worse when I was on pain meds.)

    I went to a pain clinic because my local Family Dr.& I felt I needed "experts" to manage my pain. This particular pain clinic does not believe in using narcotics to treat FM pain. They didn't tell me or my Dr. this upfront. I was hospitalized by the clinic & taken off the Oxycontin...they used a Methadone taper over 10 days in the hospital. When I was discharged, I was off the Oxy & the Methadone completely.

    What I then experienced when I got home was hell on earth! I went through a nasty (thought I was close to death!) withdrawal (physical from being taken off the med) for about 2 weeks. It took me approx. a month-month & 1/2 to recover from the nightmare.

    This is just my experience...I am sensitive to meds. I'm sure that if I had been tapered off the Oxycontin over a longer period of time; I wouldn't have suffered as much. I do believe, however, that Oxycontin is a pretty heavy duty pain med tho'...

    Now that I no longer take narcotics for my pain; I am better. BUT...I also am no longer working & do A LOT of other things (lifestyle & medwise) to manage my pain. I'm not saying that I believe narcotics are bad for everyone, but there are other alternatives which probably bring just as much if not more relief (longterm) from the pain. Just my humble opinion.

    Best wishes for getting that pain under control no matter how you do it!

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  4. joc_07

    joc_07 New Member

    1 for 1 so far....
  5. cgaspard100

    cgaspard100 New Member

    I took Oxycontin for a while. Honestly, it didn't help with my Fibro pain. I was being treated for Fibromyalgia as well as disk herniations in my back, and it only took the edge off the pain in my back. If I was a little late with a dose, the withdrawal effects were horrible. I had a doctor who pulled me off of it cold-turkey, and it was literally the worst experience of my life. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. The effects lasted for several days, and I felt like I was dying.

    Not long after that experience, another doctor put me on Kadian, which I liked a lot better. I had much better pain relief from this medication. But soon after I switched, this doctor went out of business, and I was passed along to another doctor who suggested I try the Duragesic patch. That is what I am on now, and I like it better than any oral medication. Instead of switching it off my arm every 3 days, he has me change it every 2 days to avoid any ups and downs from various levels of the medication being dispensed, and it has worked miracles for my overall pain relief compared to the other things I've tried. I don't have to remember to take a pill twice a day which is great considering my memory loss these days.

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  6. Fudge43

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    I was switched from Oxy-Ir to oxycontin 2 weeks ago .. the first week was difficult because I was used to using more pain medication later in the afternoon when it really bothered me .. these pills are one per 12 hours now at 10 mgs .. things have smoothed out and I think this will work for me .. I have break through meds as well so I'm not left high and dry when it is overwhelming pain ..
    So I would give it a positive rating for myself so far .. but everyone's body chemistry is so different .. you have to find what is best for you .. it takes a while .. and then down the road it might change again ..
    Good Luck !
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  7. ScooterD

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    After two years of trying "everything under the sun" my dr prescribed Oxycontin. I started with 20mg 2x's/day. It was a lifesaver for me. I finally was able to function like a "normal." I could work full time, get what I needed to get done around the house, socialize, etc. In the five years I took Oxycontin, I did have to increase my daily dosage to 40mg 2x's/day. In addition, my dr prescribed Oxycodone, 5 mg, for added PMS relief - PMS made everything so much worse! (don't know if you know this but oxycontin is time released, oxycodone is not). I did stop taking it a few months ago, I won't go into the reasons now but if you're interested feel free to ask. I just don't want to take up too much space right now. LOL

    The negatives: tolerance build-up, it seems everyone has experienced different time frames on that. It's also so strong of a narcotic there isn't much left for a dr to prescribe if you would need something stronger in the future. The scrip cannot be called in so you have to pick up the scrip monthly or see if your dr. will give a few months of written scrip to the pharmacy. Along with that it is VERY TIGHTLY controlled by the government so there are no early re-fills if you should run out, lose them, etc. I had to sign a contract with my doc basically stating I would not try and get them from another doc and that I understood the law regarding this level of narcotic. And the real irritating negative for me was how most of the medical profession assumed I was an addict because I was taking it. I had many occassions when I would go the doc or emergency room for something totally different than pain, i.e. bronchitis/pneumonia, and once the dr.'s saw I was taking oxycontin, that's all they focused on...where do I get it, which doctor, how long have I been on it, etc. etc. I finally stopped telling doc's I was on it unless I knew it would be critical for them to know.
    Finally, if you decide to try it, do so ONLY if your doc is willing to wean you off of it OR give you something to prevent withdrawals. Withdrawals off this stuff are NASTY and you don't want to go there.
    Whew! I do hope this helps you decide what to do. Happy to give you any more details if ya want!
  8. XKathiX

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    Hi -

    I took oxycontin after gastric bypass and again after knee replacement surgery. I like it because it didn't make me feel drugged but it took the edge off. Although right after the knee replacement I also had to take percocet with the oxycontin because it was so bad.

    I took about 4 weeks to wean off of it and had no problems with that.

  9. dancingstar

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    I took it for a while when I just had a bad back problem, before it morphed into fibromyalgia, and I don't feel I should have been on it. I don't feel like it worked when I needed it to work and worked too well when I didn't need it to. I needed it to work in the late afternoon, and it didn't do anything for me at that time. At other times it felt too strong for me. It also made it nearly impossible to go to the bathroom, very annoying.

    It was hard to get the horrid doctor that gave it to me to keep up with the prescriptions, and I finally had to quit the stuff, cold turkey, and that wasn't any fun at all. It wasn't as bad as quitting Effexor cold turkey, not by a long shot...but it still took a good month. I won't go near it again.

    I know others who swear by the stuff. It's just me, I think. I'm really sensitive to a lot of crap.

    Best of luck to you!!
  10. pirtpain

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    I was put on Oxycontin about a year ago. I take small doses of it, 20 mgs in the am and 10 before bed. I can't believe the difference in not only the pain but I have more energy and don't need to sleep as much. Sometimes when I do feel

    as if I am going into a flare, I will take a Darvocet or Neurontin which is what I use to take. The dr.does monitor closely because it is a narcotic and can be addicting.I am always afraid of getting addicted to any meds.

  11. lea

    lea Member

    with very severe vomiting and headaches.

  12. joc_07

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