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    I'll start you off with the good.
    My husband got a pay raise to about $24 and change an hour.
    Bad new .... no job
    Good new (maybe) ... may have a good lead for one. He's putting in a application on Monday.But If he does get a job with them he'll be working 2 hours away from home. So he'll have to stay with family there during the week. We've dealt with this before so it's ok.
    Really bad news. EDD can in short only 750. so only one bill got paid ,groceries,gas for car and medicine.
    Really really bad news . This one needs a lot of prayer.
    My hubby decided to hit the bar! He came home falling down drunk and he's spent around 200 dollars there.I told him to call our Pastor to let him know that he'd made it home . Well my hubby calls him (leaving a message) and he begs/pleads our Pastor for forgiveness. This made me mad . I said how is it that you beg for forgiveness from our Pastor and you don't even apologize to me?
    I had to endure some verbal abuse as he blamed me for everything under the sun. Apparently he thinks that I don't know the Lord and I haven't allowed the Lord into my life. However then he says (in a drunken stooper) how greatful he is that I brought him to the Lord and how He has change his life for the better. Funny huh?
    Well you all they say never try and reason with a drunken man . Well I was so upset at him because I'd been up all night
    thinking terrible things ,crying my eyes out,calling everyone ,including our Pastor. So I tried to explain this to him and this didn't help matters at all. He then got very upset and blamed me for the way my children grew up,about being a bad wife, he accused my of living as a victim all my life and live in a box. He'd said that I need to forgive God. That's when I almost lost it. I'd said what for God has never hurt me and I have long forgive anyone in my past that has.
    Needless to say I was able to walk into the living room and calm myself down. God helped me to realize that my hubby wasn't really talking about me he was talking about his life.
    When I went into the room again my hubby got into my face and said you've been crying all night? Look at me I'm crying .
    You've had a hard life ? What about mine?

    To make a very long story short I didn't sleep that night and the next morning was horrible for me. But we survived. He still hasn't apologized and still he is blaming me for things going wrong. He thinks that he's just teasing when he says these things to me but they cutting words and actions.

    Ok sooo... More good news I'm applying for SSDI and the doctors now believe that I have a good chance of getting approved . That is if I ever get around to calling a lawyer to help me. I tend to procrastinate just a little.

    Well as for my daughter ... she's still a runaway . I haven't heard form her in over a month or so now. Her father is not going to look for her or call the police. Because he is afraid that they will arrest him for child neglect. Which they should but haven't yet even though I've told them what has happened. But it in Gods hands.

    If you've read this far thank you . It's hard for me to type and this (with all it's typo's) has taken me hour and half to write.
    Sorry it took me so long to get an up date to you all. I've been sick a lot lately.

    Praying for you all,


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    Wow that's a lot. My prayer's are with you!

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    He has done AA but stops going . I suggested maybe U-turn for Christ (christian recovery camp) but he said no. Our Pastor called and said that he'll be working with him on this .
    He finally just last night apologize for talking down to me but that was for being mean to me last night . But it's a start.
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    that would be good for me but I don't drive anymore because of my eyes and numbness. Doc. toke the DL away about a year ago.