Good article about woman and her HPV

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    Below is an article from Women's Voices for Change of a woman writing in to a doctor about her acquired genital HPV and the doctor's answers are very informative, very educational and all should read.

    I didn't know much about HPV except that it was an STD, so I was shocked to learn from the article:

    "As long as you remain HPV-positive you have an increased risk for more than cervical cancer. You are also at risk for vulvar cancer, which includes the labia and perineum (the area between the vaginal opening and the anus), and peri-anal, anal, and vaginal cancer. There is growing awareness of some kind of association of the human papilloma virus and mouth, tongue, and throat cancer. "

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    I've had a pre-cancerous and a benign polyp removed from my cervix years ago. I asked my doc about the shots and he said that at my age, the HPV has likely gone away. The virus doesn't stay in the body like Herpes Viruses do.

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