good article: Bb can persist despite antibiotic treatment...

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    Article is by James Dillard MD:

    “Doctors are still in somewhat of a quandary, because we don’t have a test to tell if someone has an active infection or not,” Dr. Fallon told me. “So we’re left with clinical judgment. That’s useful, but it’s not completely adequate. We don’t know who will benefit from additional antibiotics and who will not.”

    Lyme may turn out to be a lot more like another spirochete bacterial illness — syphilis — than we could have imagined. Both can have a long latency period before symptoms appear, both can start out with a rash, both apparently can hide in the tissues, both involve multi-system disease, both cause neurologic and psychiatric problems, and both can mimic other diseases.

    For more information, go to the Columbia University Web site at, and look under the Research/Education tab. For more general information on Lyme disease, please see my June 4, 2009, column at

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