GOOD article in WOMAN'S DAY about mother daughter with fibro

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    I posted about this before, but it was before the magazine was on the shelves, so I thought I would bring atention to it again, now that it is current.

    The issue is August 1, 2008 and the article titled "living in Pain" begins on page 70. I thought it was an excellent article about one woman's familiar "journey" with fibro, from onset to her own eventual self-diagnosis (doctors dismissed her), her quest for S.S. and finally finding a doctor who "believed".

    She was prescribed Lyrica and was one of the lucky few who received some relief from it, but was by no means CURED. She also takes other prescriptions and supplements and needed to change to a less stressful job.

    During this time, her teen-age daughter also began to experience symptoms and is now on medications, and yet still needs to behomeschooled.

    Although the article mentions Lyrica, I do not feel that it comes off like a miracle drug, but I DO feel that honest articles should point out that few are able to tolerate the side-effects. STILL, for a popular main-stream publication, I appreciate the coverage of the syndrome in an honest and respectful way.

    It may have ended slightly upbeat (they have so far found ways to MANAGE), it does present a credible reality....their management involves changing a career and having to homeschool (how many parents can do that!), implies the very real and continuing hardship of this condition.
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    Thank you for the run-down on the article about fibro in woman's day magazine.

    I will check it out. Its nice to find a good representation of our problems.

    Grama T.
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    Just curious, is this one of those articles written by Pfizer for Lyrica or is it truly an article soley on fibromyalgia? Sorry to sound suspicious, but I'm really getting tired of the Lyrica ads and commercials. Maybe it's just my mood today.
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    for Lyrica. This is a story in a regular section of the magazine called "My Story".

    The article could have been INSPIRED by Lyrica...that is, now that the connection between this new drug and fibromyalgia has gained public attention, it is timely to feature an article about FM.

    On the last of the 3 page article, there is some additional info about Lyrica highlighted in a blue background, titled "a new treatment option". It DOES state that it is the first med. specifically FDA-approved for FM, and it does state that (only) about 1/3 of those taking it have substantial improvement in symptoms and (only again!) half of all even have noticeable improvement. It also mentions the side-effects which I think would turn off all but the most pain-tortured sufferers.

    The end of the article does not neatly wrap things up...the mother still worries about her daughter being on medications that are relatively new and not tested on adolescents, and she still is not well enough to return to school.
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